Timeline and Documents

Suggested timeline for OBOB

September and October
Read OBOB books

November and December
Read OBOB books
Begin to form teams

Book Check – A minimum of 4 books per participant must be read by first week in January.
Teams are finalized
Practice battlesRegister 

Battles begin
Champion team is crowned

School champion team competes in Regionals

The regional winner will attend the state competition in Salem, OR

Order next year’s OBOB books


Read all of the books so you can not only discuss them with the kids, but more importantly, so you can remove easy, bad, or poorly worded questions. This task takes a lot of time.

Make the team charts and post them. Kids fill in when they have read the books.

Figure out who is going to be the Moderator (the person who asks the questions), and when you are going to run the battles (before school, during recess, during lunch, cancel classes; there are many options).

Come up with a schedule to give to the kids that lists when and whom they are going to battle.

I used to do all the battles over lunch recesses in the media center with just one 4th grade teacher helping, and it took weeks to finish the preliminary battles because we have 40-46 teams. So a few years ago, I enlisted 6 other intermediate teachers and parents, did a training at lunch a week before, and then ran the preliminary battles in 7 classrooms – and we finished them in a week. Each classroom had the same questions, so everyone was being asked the same questions at the same times. (Cathy B)

Since we have so many teams, we go down to a top 16 and then run winner moves on, losers are out battles from their on out. (Cathy B)

Our final battle is in the gym, and all 3rd-5th grade classes come and watch. Because we have such a huge participation rate, most of the kids know something about the books. (Cathy B)

Post the seeded brackets for the playoff rounds.

Make certificates or give the winners some kind of prize.

Inform winners of the Regional competition and have them fill out forms.