Lion Tips and Tricks

Welcome to Lion!  Listed below are few Tips and Tricks.

1. Keypad scrolling: You will notice a few changes. For more information: Gestures

2. Where is my Library folder?  If you are using iWeb and need to back up your iWeb, you will quickly notice that the Library folder is hidden.  To find it, go to GO in the tool bar. Hold down the Option Key. Library will appear in the drop down menu.  To open the folder, continue to old the Option Key while you select the Library folder.

3. What is Mission Control? It is the one place to see it all. Swipe your Keypad downward with three fingers. Check it out!

4. Launch Pad – where you go to see all of the apps on your machine. You will see it in your dock – the icon with a rocket on it.

5. AirDrop: Transfer files between computers with out a network! Go to your Finder. In the left column you will see AirDrop. Select it. Computers within 30 feet will appear (they have to first open AirDrop). Drag and drop the file you want to transfer to the select computer.  The other computer will have to confirm.  The file will be placed in the receiving computer’s Download folder.

6. AutoSave – Apps that this feature such as iWork, will auto save as you type. After the initial Save As, you won’t have an just Save. You will see an option to Revert, where you can go back to the original document.  You will also see the option to Duplicate the document.

6. iCloud – This is a free service you may sign up for.  It will give you an apple id, email etc.  Once you have an account, you can then download an app call Find My Mac.  If your computer is “misplaced” you may sign in to another computer and locate your missing computer on a map!


For more information and more details, please visit Apple’s web page:

You may also call the HelpDesk 541-355-1200


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