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Colette’s Lost Pet: An ELD Storyline

This ELD Storyline is based on the book, Colette’s Lost Pet by Isabelle Arsenault. Colette, the main character in the book, moves to a new neighborhood and invents a pet in order to impress her new neighborhood friends. The students become kids in Colette’s neighborhood. They follow along with Colette and make up their own stories of missing pets. The Storyline culminates with a pet show. All 10 of Oregon’s ELP standards are covered in the this ELD Storyline.

Cactus Hotel: An ELD Storyline

This Storyline is based on the book, Cactus Hotel by Brenda Z. Guiberson. The story tells about the life cycle of Saguaro cactus and the animals that depend on it for survival in the Sonoran desert. The students become animals in the desert and experience the events in the story through the eyes of their animal characters. All 10 ELP standards are included in this Storyline.

Weslandia: An ELD Storyline

This Storyline is based on the book, Weslandia by Paul Fleischman. It tells the story of boy who creates his own civilization as an elaborate summer project. After his garden is mysteriously planted with magical seeds one night at the beginning of the summer, unknown plants begin to grow. From these plants, he is able to create his own civilization. Students participate in the story as schoolmates of Wesley. They get to experience the story through process drama, research, writing activities, etc. This Storyline was originally written for the regular classroom by Colleen Vallerga. I adapted it for ELD. All 10 ELP standards are included.

Weslandia Frieze 2019

Apple Pie: An ELD Storyline

We just finished an ELD Storyline is based on the book, How to Make an Apple Pie and see the World by Marjorie Priceman. The main character in the book, whom we’ve named Lucy, decides she wants to make an apple pie. She goes to the market in order to get her ingredients and discovers that it’s closed! Therefore, she decides to travel around the world to collect the freshest possible ingredients for her pie. Upon Lucy’s request (and a promise of some delicious apple pie at the end), the students become travel agent characters in order to assist her on journey. Once Lucy finishes her trip, she mails her travel agents some apple pie in order to thank them for all their hard work. 

ELD Storyline

The Wild Robot: An ELD Storyline

This ELD Storyline is centered around the book The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. The book tells the story of a robot named Roz who is marooned on a wild, rocky island after the cargo ship that was carrying her sinks. The students create robot characters who also are shipwrecked on the island. As the author of the story shares Roz’s adventures on the island, the students share their robots’ experiences on the island as well. Students do research, which includes interacting with a real robot, drama activities, and many oral and written responses based on Oregon’s 10 ELP standards. We had fun with our robot adventures!

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The Giant of Thistle Mountain: An ELD Storyline

I adapted this Storyline for ELD from one written by the Global Storyline Project in Glasgow, Scotland. It tells the story of a giant who wants to fit in with the residents of the nearby village. It’s a drama-based Storyline, meaning the drama drives the story. The students participate in the story — and therefore in the drama activities — through the eyes of their village characters (e.g., baker, police officer, etc.). When different incidents occur (for example, when the giant eats all the baker’s cupcakes) the students respond to the incidents by doing a drama activity while role-playing as their village characters. All 10 ELP standards are covered in this ELD Storyline.

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Pyramid Builders: An ELD Storyline

During this ELD Storyline, third through fifth graders became pyramid builders for eight weeks. It was based loosely on the book, You Wouldn’t Want to be a Pyramid Builder!, by Jacqueline Morley. The students did an in-depth research project on daily life in Ancient Egypt, responded to many incidents and participated in discussions (along with many other activities). All of Oregon’s 10 ELP standards were included in this ELD Storyline.

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Fairy Tale Land: An ELD Storyline

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Fairy Tale Land Frieze Spring 2016

During the spring, my kindergarten through second grade students participated in an ELD Storyline called Fairy Tale Land. This ELD Storyline was not based around one story in particular but various fairy tales. Each student created a fairy tale character and participated in many standards-based activities throughout our eight week ELD Storyline. I found the drama activities, in which the students pretended to be their characters, to be particularly engaging and meaningful.