Amplify is the K-5 science curriculum used in Bend-La Pine Schools. Teachers can access their digital Amplify materials through Clever. Schools also have physical Amplify kits containing engaging books and exciting materials to share within grade level teams.

Bend Science Station
Additionally, K-5 Teachers can access modified science resources from the Bend Science Station. Tip: Use your staff iPad (instead of your laptop) to project POP Science or Modified Lesson slides in your classroom. This will help with the flow of the presentation, and with viewing your presenter notes.  Here’s how.

For K-1 Teachers: Visit this link: POP Science Lessons for Bend-La Pine. (There are units for other grades here, but these are older than the ones below)

For 2-5 Teachers: Visit Modified Amplify by Bend Science Station. (Teachers: email your coach if you need the password).

Discovery Education
All teachers have access to Discovery Ed through Clever. Discovery Education gives educators innovative ways to design and deliver engaging learning experiences every day.