Social, Emotional and Mental Well-Being

Bend-La Pine Schools has begun our pilot project with Harmony SEL. Please learn more about Harmony’s amazing program and resources below.

There are SEL specialists and school counselors pushing into classrooms  each week to teach Harmony SEL lessons. The enthusiasm and desire to prioritize SEL and creating positive cultures and climates in our schools is inspiring.

When work is anchored in student relationships, there are emotional, physical, and learning benefits from these relationships. Creating ways to prioritize friendships and connection for children and ourselves creates a positive culture and climate for our classrooms and schools. 

Based on the latest research in SEL, the Harmony unit structure centers on building harmonious relationships and creating inclusive environments where all students feel valued, heard and can develop a sense of agency within their educational experience. In an effort to support the evolving needs of our students, educators, and families РHarmony’s curriculum will focus on enhancing cultural competence, equity, and student voices. This focus aligns with the latest updates by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) regarding systemic SEL and SEL in the service of equity and excellence.

Here are the Harmony Downloads and Resources, organized by grade level:

Kindergarten Harmony Resources

First Grade Harmony Resources

Second Grade Harmony Resources

Third Grade Harmony Resources

Fourth Grade Harmony Resources

Fifth Grade Harmony Resources

Quick Connection Cards

Quick Connections Cards contain ideas for brief discussions and activities that provide peers with opportunities to share, think, collaborate, and have fun together. 

Discover more about Harmony’s Quick Connections Cards by exploring their Conversation Cards, Collaboration Cards, and Community Builders. There are activities for grades K-2 and 3-5 in both English and Spanish.

  • Quick Conversation Cards: Discussion questions that allow students to get to know one another
  • Quick Collaboration Cards: Ideas for fun activities that promote joint problem solving and cooperation
  • Quick Community Builders: Enjoyable activities designed to bring students in the classroom together to work and play as a team
Harmony cards