September 18

Thank you for everything you have done to get this school year off to a great start for our students and families. Your hard work and extra efforts have brought many smiles to the faces of our students. 🙂

Staff Updates: Thank you to those who assisted with interviews for our educational assistant positions. The team selected the finalists below for these positions:

  • Hillary George will be serving as a 3 hour educational assistant. Great to have you back Hillary!
  • Laurie Perez will be serving as a 5 hour educational assistant. As you may remember, Laurie taught 3rd grade at Lava Ridge three years ago. Welcome back Laurie!

The upcoming instructional schedule is below. K-3 teachers can find more details in the Recommendations Leading up to Hybrid Model in K-3 from Julie Walker

  • Week of September 21: Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) for K-5
  • Week of September 28: K-3 (Teachers begin transition to hybrid and scale back on live teaching); 4-5 CDL
  • Week of October 5: K-3 Hybrid transition week (25% of students attend each day from 8:00-1:00; focus on introducing children and families to safety protocols and routines); 4-5 CDL
  • Week of October 12: K-3 Full hybrid begins (Students attend either Mon/Thurs or Tues/Fri); 4-5 CDL

Beginning the week of October 5th most of our Bridges and Life Skills students will attend school four days a week as part of Limited In Person Instruction (LIPI). We will also have three, 4-5th graders that will attend school four days a week as part of LIPI. These students will be with Sarah T. and Katie G during these two hours and receive their specially designed instruction.

To make sure we are ready to welcome students back safely on October 5th we began work on a number of items, some are listed below:

  • K-3 teachers began work creating hybrid cohorts. These will be communicated to families on Tuesday.
  • Mike began meeting with teachers about classroom furniture
  • The Safety Team met to plan for students return to school. The members of this team are: Michelle Spetic, Melissa Merritt, Kirstin Winslow, Miriam Dunn, Trede Gutierrez, Mike Jura, Lybe Crumpton, Gary DeFrang. This team began reviewing a checklist of items connected with the ODE’s Operational Blueprint to ensure the safety of staff and students. This team will meet again on Tuesday.
  • Met with teams from other prototype schools to discuss student entry, dismissal, recesses, etc.
  • Began creating music, PE and recess schedules
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September 11

Here we go! Thank you for your hard work, energy, and positivity over the last couple of weeks getting ready to officially launch the school year on Monday. It has been a busy couple of weeks with lots of information, news, and updates coming our way and I appreciate the way everyone has worked together with this extra-busy start.

Monday we begin our phone conferences with families. Here again is the list of recommended questions. Thank you for being sure to ask if families have a device at home that can connect to the internet and about connectivity (Kindle Fires and Chromebooks are not reliable devices for WebEx, Dreambox, and Lexia.)  Student and family needs can be entered into this google doc: CDL Student and Family Needs.

Our welcome video turned out fantastic! We will be sharing this via Facebook and will email to families on Monday. Thank you Rachel and Sarah for putting this together!

Recording Lessons – During Comprehensive Distance Learning, you may elect to record lessons. After consulting with legal counsel, student voice, student image, and student name are ALLOWED to be recorded and uploaded/shared within your Google classroom or Seesaw classroom. So you may, if you choose, record the first lesson launch you deliver live (in Webex), save that recording to your desktop then upload it to Google Classroom or Seesaw. Keep in mind that recordings on Webex can not be viewed for 24 hours

Below is a list of our scheduled material distribution events:

  • Kinder : Monday, Sept 14th from 1:30pm-3:30pm 
  • First : Monday, Sept. 14th from 9am-11am
  • Second: Tuesday, Sept 15th from 10am-12pm
  • Third: Monday, Sept. 14th from 11:30am-1:30pm
  • Fourth: Wednesday, Sept. 16th from 1pm-3pm
  • Fifth: Wednesday, Sept. 16th from 10:30am-12:30pm

PE and Music Update: During CDL students will follow the links below to access PE and Music. Miriam is sending this information out to families and please also attach to Clever pages.

Mrs. Schendel’s Virtual Music Classroom

Mr. Roberts’ Virtual P.E. Classroom

From Julie Walker: All student Lexia accounts have been reset and all students will retake the autoplacement test. Here is some verbage you may want to share with families:  Lexia is new and up-to-date with additional levels for the 20-21 year. You may review some work that you’ve seen before in Core5 – this is to make sure you are strong and confident with these reading skills. The extra practice may help you move faster through the levels as you work through the program!

Staffing Updates:

Stacey Purtzer will be teaching 1st grade this year. As we discussed at our first staff meeting, with smaller than anticipated kindergarten enrollment we needed to shift a teacher to 1st grade to meet student enrollment needs at that grade. Thank you Stacey for your positivity and spirit with this adjustment.

Melissa Merritt will be joining the ICCL Team. Melissa brings previous experience in this role from her tenure at La Pine Elementary School.

On Monday, Nutrition Services will begin serving free lunch and breakfast to anyone 18 years and younger from 11:30-12:45 in the courtyard between Friendship Mountain and Eagle’s Nest. Nutrition Services will be welcoming students in through the gate on the south playground and will follow signs to the courtyard. Students will be able to pick-up both lunch and breakfast.

Thank you for following the No Visitors on Campus guidelines from Superintendent Nordquist.

Limited In-Person Instruction ( LIPI  ) begins in Bend-La Pine Schools on September 28th. Details on phase 1 & 2 below. Initially for Lava Ridge, this means we will be able to conduct in-person evaluations for ELL and Special Education students. We have not received information about phase 2 yet.

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September 4

Thank you for the birthday wishes and gift. I feel so fortunate to get to work alongside each of you everyday. 🙂

Communicating with each other. My prediction is that most of you have email in boxes that look something like mine: filled to overflowing. One way that we can all support each other is to remember a few key practices:

  • If you have a question and you don’t know where to direct it, send it to Lybe or I rather than sending it out into the email stratosphere (sending it to all Lava Ridge Staff)
  • If you receive an email from a colleague and you have a question, clarification, disagreement, etc. Please DO NOT “REPLY ALL.” Reply only to the sender.
  • If you are sending a long email with anything but information (emotion, arguments, etc.) delete the email. Then make the time to discuss the issues you addressed in the email. In person is best, but the phone or webex can work, as well.

Bend Parks and Rec Childcare: BPRD’s childcare begins on September 16th and will be located in the gym and in the Friendship Mountain commons. Bend Parks and Rec continues to have a reciprocal use agreement with Bend-La Pine schools and will be using our building throughout the year. While some BPRD programs take place in schools, they follow different State of Oregon COVID Guidelines/Metrics for their programs including the child care that will be provided to families this school year.

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August 28

I am looking forward to seeing certified staff at the Staff Meeting on Tuesday @ 9:00. As you have read, this will be via Webex and you can join remotely, from your classroom, or attend in person in the Media Center (we will limit the group size in the Media Center to 12)

The remainder of September 1st – September 2nd can be used to begin preparing for the first day of Comprehensive Distance Learning with the exception of the time teams are meeting in person with Lybe and I (repost of schedule below)

  • September 1st from 12:00-3:00 Kindergarten (Discovery Falls Commons) and 1st Grade (Media Center)
  • September 2nd 9:00-12:00 2nd grade (Rainbow Valley Commons) and 3rd grade (Media Center)
  • September 2nd 12:30-3:30 4th grade (Rainbow Valley Commons) and 5th grade (Media Center)

I thought it might be useful to see a breakdown of our planned schedule through 9/11. This reflects the information I have received thus far. During times when you are not meeting in person at school/other sites, it is ok to work remotely

  • September 3rd- Workday
  • September 4th-District Inservice Day for Canvas Course
  • September 8th-Workday (or 8/31)
  • Septembr 9th-District Inservice Day for Canvas class + Optional District Trainings
  • September 10th-9:00 Staff Meeting (this is a change from what I sent yesterday & will be a Webex meeting) + Workday + Open House (schedule out on Tuesday)
  • September 11th-Workday

On Tuesday, we will learn more about how we will do Open House this year. The event is on Thursday, September 10 and will involve teachers hosting two, 15 minute Webex sessions for families during the day.

As you return to school please remember that we are required to follow state guidelines related to masking, social distancing, and limiting the number of people in areas. Below is the starters list of how these guidelines pertain to Lava Ridge. We will go into more details on Tuesday.

  • Please wear your face mask when you are not in your classroom or office
  • Please maintain a 6 ft distance between yourself and others
  • Limit the Staff Room and Workroom to one person at a time.
  • The areas by Amber’s desk needs to be limited to a total of 4 people at a time.

Classroom set-up – Classrooms do not need to be set up by the first day of school. During Comprehensive Distance Learning you will have the choice whether to teach from your classroom or remotely. An announcement will be made on October 12th whether we will be able to begin a hybrid schedule at the end of October.

We have had some changes within our staff in the last week. These are below:

  • Congratulations to Dyan Sultzer who will be an instructional technology coach for Bend-La Pine Schools this year.
  • Katie Van Horn will be teaching 5th grade this year.
  • Jill Evans-Koehler has decided to take a leave of absence for this school year

The Bend La-Pine School’s Remote Learning Tools is still available and continues to be updated

Here is a new tool that shows county metrics for opening schools to in-person learning. It will be updated every Wednesday.

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August 21

Please join me in welcoming Katie Gillem to our faculty. Katie will be one of our Special Education teachers this year. Katie has been an elementary special education teacher in Pendleton since 2015 and is in the process of relocating to Bend. Katie will be teaching in the position originally accepted by Charlie Beavis who decided to not relocate to Bend in July.

Bend La Pine Schools will not be posting supply lists or asking for school supply donations this year. The amount of money schools receive per pupil has been slightly adjusted in lieu of this. Some of these dollars will be used for the purchase of math and ELA kits that will be sent home to help support Comprehenive Distance Learning.  

As we anticipated, our student enrollment is fluctuating greatly week to week as families make schooling decisions and enroll after moving here this summer. With the later start to the school year we are planning to continue to see enrollment swings through the week of Labor Day and will not finalize class lists until September 10.

Without the ability to do an in-person Open House, work has been happening to make sure that we still have an opportunity to begin building strong relationships with students and families at the start of the school year. With Comprehensive Distance Learning this is more important then ever. Here is our plan:

  • The morning of Thursday, September 10th all Lava Ridge families will receive an email from their child’s teacher welcoming them to their class with a welcome video from the teacher. Staff will have a script of ideas to follow and we will work on this during inservice days. We will not be publicly posting class lists this year.
  • The afternoon of September 10th teachers will host virtual Open Houses via Webex. We are developing a schedule for this event and may flex our work hours as we have done before with Open House.

First week back for certified staff: Our first certified staff meeting will be September 1st at 9:00 via Webex. You can participate in this meeting on campus or remotely.

During this week Lybe and I will also be meeting with teams at the times/locations below. Teachers will need laptops and headphones for these sessions:

  • September 1st from 12:00-3:00 Kindergarten (Discovery Falls Commons) and 1st Grade (Media Center)
  • September 2nd 9:00-12:00 2nd grade (Rainbow Valley Commons) and 3rd grade (Media Center)
  • September 2nd 12:30-3:30 4th grade (Rainbow Valley Commons) and 5th grade (Media Center)

At this point, these are the only meetings we are planning for the weeek of August 31-September 4. Certified Staff will also meet for 2 hours on September 9th on campus (locations TBD)

Educational Assistant First Day: September 8th will be the first day work day for educational assistants.

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August 14

Dear Lava Ridge Staff,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer. Like everything during the pandemic, this summer has been a bit different at the DeFrang house, but with lemons you might as well make lemonade, right? We maximized our time together with local trips to lakes and the river, completed house projects (finally got the fence re-stained!) and appreciated the opportunity to slow down and be together as a family.

As we head into this school year and all of the unknowns we will experience I feel so fortunate to be able to work alongside each of you to serve our students and families. In the weeks since returning to school I have been inspired by the positive vibe in the building and everyone’s spirit. For those who have returned to school you have likely noticed that Mike and Gordon have Lava Ridge looking like new and that Miriam and Amber have the office up and running ahead of schedule. Speaking of the office, don’t be surprised if you receive an email from Mrs. Hawkins-this is our recently married Lybe. Congratulations Mrs. Hawkins!

With a month to go until the first day of school and lots of new information to process I will be starting to send weekly correspondence to you via Week at a Glance. This year you can count on me to send you weekly notes via this blog and ask that you give the information contained a deep read with the goal of us all being well informed of what is happening at Lava Ridge and in Bend-La Pine. Please also count on some spelling and grammatical errors and an occasional try at some humor. 🙂

Staff First Week Back: Some of our inservice time (ie. meeting/training time) will be in person (socially distanced and masked) and some via Webex. Wednesday, Lybe and I will be attending the administrative welcome back and will be learning more about the schedule for September 1-September 11. I will have more details to share with you next week.

This year, our district is working on developing a common elementary school schedule and teaching standards of practice in order to support a more uniform roll-out of Comprehensive Distance Learning. Although we don’t have final materials to share at this point, they will be coming within the next two weeks. This work is being informed by community and staff feedback, as well as input from BEA, the school board, and teacher leadership teams. This schedule outlines teaching times as well as teaching expectations and teaching tools that allow our district to align with state guidelines/requirements.  Opportunities to learn more about these standards of practice and ask questions about them will be provided shortly after they are released.

Technology Updates…

The work flow and communication platforms we are using at different grade levels are below:

  • K-2: SeeSaw (we have the premium version 🙂 )  John Craft is working on a website with support videos and documentation for teachers and parents.
  • 3-5: Google Classroom.  

Bend-La Pine Schools is planning to provide an iPad for k-2 students and families that do not have a device in September. The district submitted an order recently for devices and are working on a distribution plan. We are hopeful they will arrive prior to September 14 and I will keep you posted on details as I receive them.

The name of our Webex website has changed. The new URL is:

On July 1, your G Suite (Google) address changed from [email protected] to your regular email address ([email protected]). If you are signed into Google services with your Bend-La Pine Schools account, you may have to sign-in again.

Got questions? Feel free to stop by my office or give me a call at 541-355-2402.

Take care,


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June 12

This will be the final edition of Week at a Glance for the year. Please view this end of the school year message .

From Human Resources: Work Calendar- Please see the updated ’20-’21 work calendar. Note that there will NOT be an all district welcome back this year.

Open House: At this point how, when and if we host an Open House for families is up in the air. Staying consistent with the last several years we have penciled in Thursday, September 3rd from 3:00-5:00 for this event.

Reopening Guidelines- The state has published the first edition of their school reopening guidelines. Expect that these will be updated every couple of weeks throughout summer. A Bend-La Pine Schools planning team had their first meeting yesterday to discuss these guidelines.

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June 5

Next week in the newsletter we will have information about the Bend-LaPine Schools, Summer Learning Choice Boards. Feel free to share this resource virtually with your class or mention during year-end conversations.

Without the annual Volunteer Luncheon some are recognizing volunteers through thank you notes and other ways. If you are sending a card, feel free to send through the U.S. mail pouch in the office to avoid the cost of postage.

The ICCL team has a staff social planned for Thursday, June 11th. Where: grassy area in front of Bend Parks and Rec. building across from the Old Mill                   
Time: 3:00 pm. until the sun goes down!  🙂

What to bring: a chair or blanket, your own picnic, drink and food

Drive through Promotion was a huge success!

The final blog post for the year from Lindsley can be found here.

Below are links to the 5th grade slide show and the distance-5th grade showcase.

5th Grade Slideshow

Photo-op moment with Oliver Kamasz

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May 29

From the ICCL Team: We miss seeing all of you! The ICCL team has a social planned for next Thursday, June 4th.Where: grassy area in front of Bend Parks and Rec. building across from the Old Mill                     
Time: 3:00 pm-? (or party ’til the sun goes down)
What to bring: a chair or blanket, your own picnic, drink and food
We will aim for respecting social distancing.

The weekly update from Lindsley can be located here.

Here are the initial grade level teaching assignments for next year. You will see these are very similar to this year. A lot is taken into consideration when this roster is set: staffing needs, experience, teaching preferences questionnaires, opportunities to spread collective genious, retirements (none this year), new teaching positions (none this year)… With the potential high for enrollment changes over the summer as families consider schooling next year, we may need to adjust these assignments late August to accompany enrollments drops or gains. We are not planning for any classroom moves/changes.

We are looking forward to grade level meetings this week at regular times. Please let Lybe or I know if your team needs to adjust your meeting time for any reason.

We are finalizing the check-out sheet and will have this to you next week. The sheet and tasks have been significantly modified and we are working towards having it in Google Doc form so signatures from various people are not needed. 🙂

You may have recently heard that our school buildings/facilities will be open for summer programming starting June 15, as long as these groups/organizations follow ODE guidance, including social distancing. Boys and Girls Club and Park and Rec., in addition to our own athletic programs, will be the likely users of our facilities during this time.

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May 22

Hot off the press, here is the weekly update from Lindsley Gehrig

Teachers: As you are connecting with families over the next couple of weeks your assistance is appreciated in helping us to confirm whether students are returning next school year to Lava Ridge. As you know we had originally planned to do this via a hard copy we would send home as this information really helps us with scheduling for next year. Thank you for completing this doc for your class by June 12th.

Here are English and Spanish versions of the letter families in 3rd-5th grade will receive regarding students keeping iPads over the summer. Families not wishing to keep iPads will be able to return them to Lava Ridge (schedule TBD) We will be sending this letter to 3rd-5th students early next week. Let me know if you have any questions.

The next scheduled grade level WebEx meetings will be the week of June 1st-5th. If your team would like to meet with Lybe and I next week (5.26-5.29) just let us know.

Leaving through an exterior door to the front/back parking lot or into the courtyard? Thank you for double checking that the door fully closes behind you. Some of them have been particularly stubborn closing lately and we are wondering if they are missing the regular use they receive when we are in school. 🙂

We have an open ICCL position for 2020-2022. Here is the job description and application requirements can be found on the staff portal by searching ICCL. If you are interested, please submit an essay to Candy Gelatt in the HR office. Each candidate will also ask a colleague to submit a Confidential Recommendation form directly to Candy in the HR office. The recommendation pdf on the portal is fillable.

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