August 12th – 16th

Welcome Back Tam Team-
Questions are starting to come in around dates, plans, schedules, and all things Tamarack! Below are some links to some resources and important information. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing other important information and changes that have occurred through the summer!

´╗┐Article of the Week: (To spark an interest, thought, idea, & learning!)
The Necessity of Having High Expectations

Important Notes:
Tamarack Meeting Calendar 19-20
*Please note changes to the Meeting format, days, times, etc. (*Personal Professional Development: this is the PD that was articulated either individually or as a small group last spring. New team members- I will be in touch with you soon about joining an existing group or ideas for your PD this year!)

School Start Times 2019-2020

Classified Staff Work Calendar 2019-2020
*Classified Staff Report to Work on 8.27.19 for our Tamarack and District Welcome Back and again on 9.4.19. All Classified staff are on the MS Calendar– please verify work days!

Word of the Month for 2019-2020

8.20.19 & 8.21.19 Innovators Conference (Pacific Crest/Summit)
8.26.19 Tim Feeney Conference
8.27.19 8:00am Tamarack Welcome Back @ Ed Center (All Tam Staff and Skills Trainers required to attend)
8.27.19 1:00-4:00 All Staff Welcome Back @ Bend Senior High
8.28.19 & 9.4.19 Tamarack Intake Meetings @ Sites (Certified Staff Only & New Intake packets and meeting schedule to follow)
9.5.19 First Day: All Tamarack Students

This Weeks Weather

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