September 9th – 13th

Article of the Week: Week 1 Done! Make sure you are taking care of yourself!
Happy Teachers Practice Self-Care

Important Notes:

Suicide Prevention Week this year is Sept. 7 – 14 and there are a number of activities happening locally (including at some of our schools) that you might want to be aware of and/or share with students (as appropriate) and the larger community. Activities & Info

Please enroll in insurance benefits! Open enrollment ends September 15th and currently there are 1,130 employees who have not yet elected their benefits for the 2019-2020 school year. Please encourage your staff to complete enrollment at their earliest convenience so that any technical difficulties or questions can be addressed ahead of the enrollment deadline. To enroll, please visit:!pb.main     

Safe Schools Training: Please make sure to complete your Safe Schools Training!

Tamarack Office Update: Lori resigned her position last Friday. While I pondered including this information in the Blog, I wanted to make sure you all knew as soon as possible due to any business you may have with her currently. If you have emails, requests- shopping, subs, ect., we will need to work together to remedy these outstanding business items to ensure you have what you need. We will have a sub temporarily. I will let you know additional information as I know it. (Tam @ Ed. Center- Lori will be in Monday afternoon at 2:00pm to say any goodbyes to students as appropriate).

9.11.19 PD Planning this Week- Please meet at Tamarack @ Education Center @ 2:15pm.

This Weeks Weather

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