September 30th – October 4th

´╗┐Article of the Week:
What Teachers Should Be Thinking About On Sunday
This article is fantastic- a little long- but a great way to be self-aware when not at work!

Important Notes:
Word of the Month: Self-Awareness
Self-Awareness Tools:
K-5 Student Self-Awareness Survey
6-12 Student Self-Awareness Survey

Where are you with student academic assessments? I have only heard back from one teacher on progress. Assessments were set for last week, please let me know you anticipated date of completion!


Sick Leave Season- Please follow the following protocol when you are going to be out sick:
1. Enter your leave into ASEOP
2. Text Hayley (That way I know to watch for sub coverage in ASEOP and plan around the day for Ed. Center and Sites).
3. Send sub plans to Hayley for now (will be both Hayley and new secretary).
4. Think about having back- up plans in your rooms and shared with Hayley- Just in Case!

I read this quote last week and thought it so important to share with everyone: “Behavior is the outward manifestation of a students social/emotional and behavioral well being.”

10.2.19 1:15 K-5 Tam SET (Haley, Traci, Laura, Amanda, Darlene, Lorna please attend)
10.2.19 1:45 6-12 Tam SET (Rick, Shannon, Leslie, Hillary, Dan, Marshall, Steve, Jen please attend)
10.2.19 2:15 Tam PD @ Ed. Center (All Tam Staff Attend- LaPine we will stream you all in)
10.3 & 10.4 Marshall and Jen Out

This Weeks Weather

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