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This and That: Here is an email to you with the subject heading: “Buy a Tree. Save a Life.”  Some of our schools were involved last year, but I didn’t want to have each of you called regarding this so I asked that it go through me.  If you would like to be involved this year please feel free to give… Read more →


For many of you I hope these days of conferences are ones where connections are made between family and school, as well as between students and learning.  For all of you, know that I appreciate the dedication and heart for children that you bring to work every day.  Your jobs are not easy and the impact you are making not… Read more →


Reminders: I’m not sure if this is a reminder or not, but thought I would locate it here.  As you know, SLGGs have been a bit of a moving target this year, so I wanted to be sure I provided you with the most current and need-to-know information (click here for ODE Guidance).  Here are the highlights that I am aware… Read more →


The Expeditionary Learning (EL) conference that I attended this week was a bit overwhelming, in a good way.  My head is full of things to think about and my bag bursting with materials to sift through.  From a distance I felt there were good things happening at REALMS, and I now have a better picture of what those “things” are… Read more →


As I mentioned to principals earlier this week, I am very open to your feedback and suggestions of how I might better communicate with you or support the work you do every day in the building.  Feel free to send me an email, give me a call or ask that I stop by and see you if you’d like to… Read more →


I am looking forward to visiting with many of you at your building next week.  You can look at the shared Google “MS Calendar” for more details, but I will want to visit a few classrooms with you and talk a bit about your SDP.  Let me know if you have any questions about this.  Here are a few other… Read more →


Thank you for your leadership of our middle level students! Here are a few things I wanted to highlight this week.  Some are from days past and some involve a glance ahead. Past: I walked away from our first Horizontal on Monday and felt like it was too rushed.  Tried to fit too much information into a small amount of… Read more →


I have gone back and forth as to whether I wanted to send out a weekly (or at least regular) email to you regarding items I think you should or might like to be aware of.  I want to be a good communicator and keep you in the loop, but also don’t want to take up your time or add… Read more →


As you slide into the Friday afternoon of your first week with students I wanted to communicate what a pleasure it was to visit your building this week and see first-hand the great things that you are doing with and for kids.  I have never had the opportunity to be in other buildings on the first day of school and… Read more →