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TO DO: Please plan on mailing home report cards at the end of this school year. I am sorry I haven’t had better communication on this prior to now. Even though the grading options are only P/NG, we need to communicate with parents regarding this final term grades. This is also an opportunity for teachers to add a comment and… Read more →


TO DO: The summer iPad communications are complete and ready for you to share with your families (via communication going out from school) and students (if teachers want to share it with their students). The district will also advertise this information in a variety of ways. This letter contains hotlinks embedded, so please share this Word version (rather than PDF)…. Read more →


TO DO: Principals, please send me a copy of your Leave Sheet from 4/20/20 – 5/17/20 by Monday (when I have to turn it in to the Business Office). I have two so far… ___________________________________________________________ Add August 11 to your calendar – this will be the date of our Leadership Retreat in the fall. This fall’s event will NOT include… Read more →


TO DO: After reading the following district guidance around fundraising, please touch base with me if you have any questions. There is not an expectation that you share this with your staff, but feel free to do so if you think it would be helpful… As we navigate COVID-19 and the impacts to our communities and families in the district… Read more →


TO DO: As you know, May 4-8 is Teacher Appreciation Week, a time to celebrate our classroom teachers, counselors, school nurses, and other certified staff members. Whether serving in person or remotely, we know these staff members care deeply about our students and this is a great opportunity to share our thanks!┬áPlease share the following information related to honoring our… Read more →


TO DO: Don’t forget to have your Staffing Plan 2.0 completed by next Friday at the latest. ________________________________________________________ Please make one more update into the Disconnected Student document next Thursday. I’ll share these numbers with Shay and Lora prior to their Friday morning Board Leadership meeting. ________________________________________________________ I’ll admit that sometimes I’m the last to know something, so this may… Read more →


TO DO: Please read (and share as appropriate with your staff) this Equity and Access Considerations page. This is part update, part don’t forget, and part new information. Thank you for continuing to be the voice for those that may not have any other advocate right now. This, and every other pandemic-related document I’ve shared you’ll be able to find… Read more →


TO DO: Take a moment to think about this: “You have wonderful children who are resilient, work hard, and can figure out difficult things.” (Communicated in a parent message sent by one of your colleagues.) To me this touches on the anxiety parents are experiencing right now (“How do I figure this out?”) and the hope/reminder they they don’t have… Read more →


TO DO: Here is an article by Lori Gottlieb that was published this week in the New York Times, entitled: Grieving the Losses of Coronavirus. I thought this was a good article that is pretty real about our current situation, as well as a reminder of how important our words are with others (holding the power to support and empathize,… Read more →


TO DO: I’ve mentioned a few times about wanting you to “meet” with your staff on March 30 – oftentimes alluding to the use of Webex as a platform for doing so. I want to make it clear that you do not have to use Webex, or another video-based platform to conduct this all-staff meeting. What you will be sharing… Read more →