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TO DO: Here is an article by Lori Gottlieb that was published this week in the New York Times, entitled: Grieving the Losses of Coronavirus. I thought this was a good article that is pretty real about our current situation, as well as a reminder of how important our words are with others (holding the power to support and empathize,… Read more →


TO DO: I’ve mentioned a few times about wanting you to “meet” with your staff on March 30 – oftentimes alluding to the use of Webex as a platform for doing so. I want to make it clear that you do not have to use Webex, or another video-based platform to conduct this all-staff meeting. What you will be sharing… Read more →


TO DO: Please read and share the information that Shay sent to you earlier today. That should answer most of your questions. If you have any further questions or need some clarification, don’t hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email. Our MS Horizontal is canceled for Monday afternoon. However, I would like to meet with you for… Read more →


TO DO: If you have nothing to do on Tuesday night, and can’t stand the thought of being at home, this is the board meeting where we are hoping to have the SIA plan approved. If that happens, then you should receive your staffing plan next Friday. THIS and THAT: Thank you all for having your ACRs processed by end… Read more →


TO DO: Check out this opportunity to learn more about STEM at your school. The fine folks at Academy at Sisters (one of our district ALOs) is offering an Informational Session on March 6… and you need to RSVP by today(!) if you are interested in attending. Each of our middle schools may send one person. See the flyer for… Read more →



TO DO: Please take a look at a couple of changes that have been made to the school Office Referral Form. We’ve added a “Vaping” violation, as well as added “marijuana” under Drugs. These changes were made in an effort to collect better data connected to these two violations. An updated Office Referral Form can be found on the Portal… Read more →


TO DO: Sean R. sent this out earlier this week to principals. Because there is a “to do” – I wanted to send it your way again just to make sure you were aware: Your school’s Child and Youth Resilience Survey  (CYRM) administration day coming soon. Please note that there are two important actions for you to do: Choose your… Read more →


TO DO: Principals, please read these few short paragraphs prior to Monday afternoon. For you overachievers, you can learn more here. We’ll touch on these things when we meet. THIS and THAT: The might be an event you would like to share with your staff… The Adult Programming team at the Deschutes Public Library is hosting a free program that… Read more →


TO DO: Here is the TED Talk Chris (at our Horizontal meeting earlier this week) recommended we watch – The Danger of a Single Story. I know Chris said to at least listen to the first 8 minutes or so [not having to watch the entire video]. Good luck with that. Listening to this speaker’s story certainly made me reflect… Read more →


TO DO: NOTE: We will be meeting at the Brinson Campus (Skyline HS conference room) on Monday for Horizontal, not Realms MS (due to room availability). If you can spare a little more than two and a half minutes, this audio conversation between a kindergartner and a NASA engineer is pretty awesome. (I loved a few of the quotes that… Read more →