“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do” ~ Kobe Bryant



  • Please find the link below detailing the College and Career lessons that will take place in advisory in the next six weeks. Each lesson is grade specific.
  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G6x7K7DSrvZjSrY85xd4oY8d616BkyyQR47y8KWwsXY/edit?usp=sharing
  • In addition, to this link a grade specific power point will be available on Google classroom. Please also note that depending on the weekly lesson additional material will be placed on Google classroom and/or in your mailbox. 
  • Please feel free to contact Brettney or Joe if you have any questions or need any clarification on the material.


This year, we’ve increased the number of student receiving academic support as a stand alone class period. Below are the results of Joe’s 7th graders. If you have one of these students, take a moment to praise their improvement and set a new goal for the second semester grade in your class.


During SIW we were fortunate to see how our electives teachers are embedding AVID into their instructional practices. Focused notes and WICOR (writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, reading) strategies were evident. It was exciting and inspiring to see student work and hear about all the connections that are supported for students when adults use the same language and supports!


  • Please make sure to bring your computer to our Staff Meeting on Tuesday. We will spend some time on our computers doing our Mid-Year SLGG review.
  • Here is a link to our district Strategic Investment Plan.
  • Here is a link to our district Inclusive Schools Initiative.
  • Construction: We are getting secure fencing. This is set to begin in the next 4 weeks. There will be utility folks out marking where water lines are etc. This fence will come off the side of the building by the Science wing door and run down the length of our school, enclosing the patio and basketball courts and end at the fence that is currently going around the big field.
  • February is Black History Month – and a great opportunity for us to shine a light on a group of people who are often not discussed (outside of slavery) in terms of what they have contributed to US history. Here are some resources to generate ideas (or simply take and use) over the course of the next four weeks (and beyond).
  • We are excited to introduce some new school swag for our HDMS families!  You can view the items available by clicking on the link below.  We will keep the window for purchasing open until February 26th and you can expect to receive your purchases before spring break!   HDMS Store
  • Here is the final draft of our MS 8th Grade Celebration agreement. We will communicate this home several times as well as explicitly share with 8th graders over the next few months. The goal is that all our 8th graders will attend our celebration. If we are in a place were we feel the need to ‘un invite’ a student, we will work with Mrs. Tat, as 8th grade counselor, as well as our ICCL folks to make sure Paul and I are hearing from many other sources before we make the final call.
  • Sustainability Tip handout

Sustainability: One way we can improve is to completely power down classroom presentation stations by simply turning off the switch on the cart’s power strip to avoid phantom power use.  Ideally, we’d do this every day, but at minimum, it should be done every Friday.  

Green Team students (from Joe’s study skills class) will help remind staff every Friday during 7th period by brining each classroom teacher a laminated Phantom Friday reminder flyer.  Please return this flyer to Albano or Kennedy’s box.  Let’s aim for school-wide “Phantom Power down Fridays!!”


College and Career Advisory Lesson
‘Expert’ Peer Teaching
WEB Movie Night!

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