4/15/20 Weekly Update

It’s not a boat, but a similar idea!

Sorry about my WebEx video glitch.  Here’s a link to the story. If you want the short version, this young lady is a former student of mine from my very first year of teaching.  I got the news she was hospitalized a couple of weeks ago and then I heard the good news of her recovery.


Quick Recap for a few Staff Meeting items:

Do these 3 things;

  1. Streamline with your team.  Look to make things easier on yourselves, not harder.
  2. Dreambox – I’d like to see us leverage this more with students across all grades.  
  3. Take half a day to work on self – pm or am – whatever works best for you.


  • Start wrapping your head around prepping your room for summer earlier than usual.
  • You can take the day(s) off of WebEx and student instruction to do this.  Not a weekend job. (=
  • Think about which days this makes sense for you and email me your idea time frame.

Social Distancing reminder whenever on campus.

  1. Stay 6 feet apart.
  2. Wash hands often.
  3. Wipe down the surfaces you use.
  4. Know you can report anyone to me who is not observing these guidelines.


  • All Staff  – Wednesday 3:00-3:30 
  • Grade Level Check-Ins – Please feel free to email me questions, discussion items ahead of time.
    • 4/5 – Wednesday 1:00-1:30
    • 2/3 -Thursday  1:00-1:30 
    • 1st -Thursday 3:00-3:30
    • Kinder – Friday 1:00-1:30

MAC Training – please see email from Eilean.   Our MAC survey day is Tuesday, 4/21/20.

Highland Virtual Master Schedules – please click on your grade level, find your name at the bottom of the sheet, and fill in your time with students.  Please let me know if you need help with this.

Distance Learning Resources


Four Core Priorities for Trauma-Informed Distance Learning – MindShiftNot being able to see students face-to-face can create a huge challenge to educators who are teaching with a trauma informed lens. However, some of those in-person best practices can help inform what teachers do while distance learning.www.kqed.org 

Julie’s Weekly Update from Friday 4/10/20

  1. Celebrations

You are all doing amazing work around distance learning!  We know these are not the only great ideas that are happening right now.  Here are a few examples of amazing work that has been shared with us:

Please share your celebrations with your assigned coach! We would love to share with them others.

  1. Webex recommendations
  • Do small groups instead of whole group
  • Have children turn off video
  • Consider sending your room link instead of using the Webex scheduler
  • Consider a training if you are struggling with Webex
  • WebX best practices 
    • How to lock your personal room
    • How to set up your waiting room 
  1.  Directions for Clever and Dreambox and Lexia 
  1.  Lexia/Power up Updates
  1. Be sure to subscribe to the blog
  • Just type your email in on the right hand side and click on subscribe


  1. Youtube Update
  1. Consider a family survey in the next couple weeks (only if you are feeling ready)
  • A few teachers are offering a happy hour for families where families can join on a webex and talk about what is going well and the struggles they are having.
  • Send out a survey asking families how it is going.  
  • Ask families what kind of communication they prefer (one weekly newsletter? Daily? Many of our families are overwhelmed right now and it would be good to survey what they prefer and can handle?)
  • Example of a parent survey

Check out previous updates here!

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