Lexia/Power Up Updates

The following information was just added to our Lexia Learning page linked from Remote Learning

Professional Development

Lexia has many resources available to help both staff and parents better understand the program. For staff, once you are logged into the program click on “Resources”. Here you can find information on many aspects of Lexia and Power Up including lesson guides and on-demand training videos. For more in-depth courses click on “Lexia Academy” in the top right of the blue menu bar. You will need to click on the “Lexia Academy” logo again on the “No Enrollments in Progress” page. This will take you to a series of short courses available for staff.

More resources, including family guides, can be found on the public-facing Lexia Learning Webpage. Click on “customer resources” to find clickable links to information for families as well as a way to register for webinars intended to support families with their understanding of the student program. When pushing out family information please be cautious about login information. Our Clever login (described below) takes the place of other instructions provided.


K-5 students are licensed to start in Core5, and 6-12 students are licensed to start in PowerUp. If students need to be switched to the other platform, please reach out to the reading specialist at your site. They can make this change on a student-by-student basis.

All elementary certified staff, SPED teachers, and secondary staff who teach sections of language arts, lifeskills and interventions should also have accounts. Access your account by logging into Clever, then clicking on “My Lexia”. My Lexia is where staff do all of their work in these programs. You will not be able to login to the PowerUp or Core5 applications themselves. In “My Lexia” you should see the class and/or school data that is pertinent to your position. If your account doesn’t work, or if you need a different level of access, please use the form at the bottom of this section.

Please click here to report an issue with a student or staff Lexia or PowerUp account.

Classes and Groups

All homeroom classes for elementary schools have been added. If you are using Lexia or PowerUp with your homeroom class you do not need to create another class. We also do not recommend that classroom teachers create smaller classes or groups within My Lexia. Groups can be created for “Walk to Read” if schools are supporting students remotely with these structures.

If specialists need to create small groups they can do this in the My Lexia system by clicking “manage” then “classes” then the “+” button at the bottom of the screen. Student data lives within each student account, so adding them to other classes or groups will only impact the way that they are grouped for viewing progress.

About Amy Tarnow

Amy Tarnow has been with the Bend-La Pine Schools since 2000, and is currently serving as the Assistant Director of Instructional Technology. As a former classroom teacher and a mother of two young children, her goal is to support all teachers in creating relevant, personalized and connected learning opportunities that help all students succeed both in education, and their lives beyond the classroom.

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