August 18

Thank you for being at our meeting this morning. I appreciate all of the open dialogue and collaborative thought that goes into so many of our topics.

Meeting Schedule- Here is link to meeting schedule.

School Visit Teams- Here is a list of the school visit teams for this year. As I said, I tried to mix you up if you wanted and keep you the same if you wanted. Once again, if you want to travel as a principal/vp team, you may, or if you want to split up, you may. Decide with the other schools in your team. We will share the focus of the visits at leadership meetings throughout the year.

September Visit- Please sign up here for my September visit.

Sub Breaks- Please remember to send me your plan for making sure subs get breaks. Most of us will be able to meet this requirement through recesses. Some 3-5 graders have no morning recess and no prep in the morning, so you might find the AM break a bit challenging. Please call me if this is the case as I may have a solution for you.

Themes- Just wanted to review the themes that I will be focusing on this year in hopes that you will keep these in mind and try to weave them into your work as you move through your year.

  1. Empathy- The work that Lora led us through last week, along with the first step in the design thinking process and the experiences at ‘Taking it Up’ have all served to motivate me to work hard at being empathetic with everyone. Seeking to first understand will go a long ways towards helping me serve others.
  2. School Design- We’ve spent two years familiarizing ourselves with the ends, the plans and processes of school design. I believe we’ve made significant progress involving more people and our plans becoming the driver for our improvement efforts. The past two years have served as an overview and launching pad for our school design work. I believe now is the time for us to really work on the quality of our plans.
  3. Standards- I will be continuing to put teaching the standards at the forefront of conversations and observations.

Friday, 8/25- I will be out next Friday, August 25. I’ll remind you in my notes next week. I’ll be taking my oldest daughter off to college for her freshman year. Not ready to do this yet, and I’m kinda being a big baby about it. But I will survive.

Upcoming Events

August 28- New Teacher Day

August 29- Welcome back @ Les Schwab Amphitheater. 3-5 P.M.

September 6- School Starts

That is all for this week. Hope you have a great weekend and are able to check out the eclipse on Monday.


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