February 2

Kinder Round Up-Had I done a little more research beforehand, I would have figured out that April 25 is the only Wednesday available in April. The fourth is an SIW to prepare for conferences. The 11th is conferences. The 18th is district SIW. We were unable to switch the district SIW dates with 4/25, so we will go with 4/25. JoAnne will be sending registration packets to office managers as soon as she has heard back from those she asked to check for any needed changes. They should be arriving very soon.

February Visits- Please sign up for a February visit. This visit will focus on mid-year SLGG’s and anything else you have on your list.

Magnet Info-I’ve linked a spreadsheet of important spring 2018 magnet lottery dates. Nothing for you to do, but wanted you to know.

Classified Job Fair- There will be a classified job fair on Saturday, February 17, from 11:00-2:30 at Bend Senior High. Please contact HR if you would like to help conduct interviews. They could use our help.

TELL Survey- You received an email from Shay a week ago talking about the TELL Survey (https://telloregon.org), a 20-30 minute survey for all certified school employees in Oregon.  We have also developed our own classified survey again this year so we can hear from all of our employee groups regarding their perceptions around their work/conditions.  Please plan to carve out time for your employees to complete the corresponding survey during work hours (if at all possible) during the month of February.

Latino Family Night- For the second year running, our district is hosting a Latino Family Night and we would love to invite principals or other school reps to attend.


Feb. 21 at 5:30 p.m. at Mountain View High School in the cafeteria/commons. (Dinner starts at 5:30 – content will start at 6 p.m.)

Shay will deliver a message and introduce our liaisons.

We will also have breakout sessions on:

  • Special programs
  • High School Opportunities
  • Choice Option Schools
  • A Parent Panel
  • Technology Tools (bus app, tip line, raptor, etc.)
  • Contact Alandra or me if you have any questions.

Science Adoption PD- Skip has assembled a team of teacher who worked on the science adoption last year to help plan PD for our new science adoption. They will be having their first meeting on Tuesday.

The members of this group will

  • learn how to use our new science curriculum (Amplify) at a ½ day training
  • teach one or more lessons with their kids
  • help plan the PD at our last district SIW this year – what do we want to cover in 1.5 hours?
  • help plan PD for next year (day 189 and during the year)
  • brainstorm ideas for a science newsletter to send out to schools
  • contribute to the ongoing discussion and recommendation of when to find time to teach science

Of course not all of this will be done on Feb 6th.  That day will be spent reviewing where we are and what our next steps will be. Call Skip if you would like more information about their plans moving forward.

Leadership Meeting- Don’t forget leadership meeting on Monday at 3:15 in the board room. Bring your laptop and be prepared to discuss and review how your last round of school visits went and plan for the next round of school visits.

Thanks to all of you who were able to attend this morning’s meeting re: behavior programming. I really appreciate your input and will do my best to represent your thinking and communicate updates as needed.


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