August 31

Enrollment- I bet you are surprised I’m starting with this! As of 7:50 AM Friday we are still 87 under what was projected in your staffing plans. The bulk of that is in kindergarten and first grade. That means we are still on hold with the extra two FTE. I will continue to watch closely (almost hourly) and urge you to continue to input new students asap.  Thank you.

Janus-  Jon and/or Debbie will be talking to us at our Horizontal meeting on Sept. 24 regarding a few HR topics, one of which has to do with the implications of the JANUS court decision.  There is much still to work through as it relates to this, but one thing is certain… you must remain neutral in terms of your advocacy for/against (paying of dues towards) union membership. You must not communicate anything that either encourages or discourages a stance. Please refer any questions that come your way to either BEA leadership or HR.

Summer Fun- As promised, I am providing a key to the summer activities you provided to me earlier this summer. On the one hand, we are a very active group- lots of great travel and play. On the other hand, we apparently don’t like contests as only ONE (yeah ONE) person submitted guesses as to who did what. So, congratulations to Kelle. She wins the prize that is not worth her time (maybe that wasn’t the best way to get people to participate).

Title PA’s-Please be sure to get Title PA’s to JoAnne asap. Please be sure that your staffing plan is up to date with any changes so that the PA’s match the staffing plans. thank you!

Sharing-One of the things we touched on at our August horizontal was the need to rely on and share with one another. We have a lot of expertise right here in our own backyard. We are fortunate to have Juniper as a leader in tech and computer science that we can all use as a roadmap for moving forward and helping our students become future ready. In his inservice this week, Dan asked his staff to create a video using “Flipgrid” that answered the following question: “Where do 21st century and foundational skills meet?” Here is one sample of a staff video answering that question…and maybe even creating a new verb in the process.

Before this school year ends, I want to know what a “Wolnicker” is and I want to learn how I too can “Wolnick.”

Upcoming Events

  • September 1- 5:00 P.M.- Oregon vs. Bowling Green- Autzen Stadium. Let the Mario Cristobal Era begin!! Go Ducks!! (Just so I stop getting emails from beaver fans- I have no plans to include beaver games in my upcoming events until the week of Thanksgiving).
  • September 5- First Day of School
  • September 24- Horizontal Meeting- 4:00 P.M.- Site TBD

That’s all for now. Thank you for all of your work getting ready for students next week! I hope you are able to get some time away this weekend and enjoy three days of beautiful Central Oregon sunshine!!




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