January 25

Out-I will be out of town on Monday and Tuesday. You know who you can call if you have an emergency.

Boundaries/New School Staffing/ ACR’s, A lot will be happening on this front over the next week. Shay will be making a final decision on boundaries on Tuesday. A letter telling families about grandfathering and ACR’s will go out to all families impacted by the boundary changes next week. Jon will be sending a letter in the next couple of days to all certified staff explaining the process for staffing the new school. February will be about collecting grandfather and ACR forms. Then the real fun begins. If you have any questions about the new school staffing process or anything else about the events of the next month, please give me a call. Answering your questions helps me clarify things in my mind and be sure we have considered everything we need to.

Kindergarten Round Up- We need to determine a date for kindergarten round up. We typically go on a Wednesday in April. April 3 is the day before the job fair. April 10 is a work day for conference prep. April 17 is a district SIW.  April 24 is available. There is no such thing as April 31. Even though it seems a little late, I vote for April 24. Please let me know by the end of next week if you strongly disagree, otherwise, we’ll put it on the calendar.

Ross Greene-Ross Greene, author of “Lost and Found” and  other books on helping behaviorally challenging students, will be presenting at Tetherow on Friday, May 17. Information on the class and registration can be found on this flier.

Stop Stop the Bleed- Please be sure you are not doing any ‘Stop the Bleed’ training in classes. We are still working on appropriate channels for this.  Call if you have any questions. Thank you.

Opt Outs-I wanted to remind you to make an effort to discourage opt outs. I am linking the parent letter explaining the importance of the testing, an FAQ for parents and Ryan Kessell’s, er I mean Brian Kissell’s letter for your use if you haven’t already used them or would like to send them out again. Would love to get SBAC participation to 95% as it is really the one way we can compare ourselves with other districts. Thank you for your efforts on this and please let me know if I can help in any way.

Servant Leadership- Servant leadership can be a very powerful, yet sometimes hard to understand, and for me, elusive trait. The story below from inc.com is an excellent illustration that captures the essence of servant leadership. Pretty inspiring.

When [Coach] Brubaker took over as a college lacrosse head coach he inherited a team that had done poorly for years. Despite this, a high school standout, Stephen, was interested in playing at Coach Bru’s college, even though he was aggressively recruited by far better schools.

Coach Bru met with this young superstar and attempted to sign him, but Stephen refused, saying he wanted to wait until the following spring. He was, however, willing to give a verbal, non-binding commitment. Brubaker was desperate to sign this young star, and told him he would hold a scholarship for him until the spring.

All fall and winter, other college recruiters came to Stephen’s games to watch this amazing talent and hope he would change his mind. When spring came, Coach Bru and Stephen’s coach sat down with him, asking him to commit and why he waited so long.

And now, from the mouth of a 17-year-old…

As Lee tells it, to Coach Bru’s astonishment, this is what the 17-year-old said next:

Coach, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a lot of colleges come to see me play each week. Most of my teammates weren’t getting scholarship offers or even being recruited earlier this year but now they are. By me not committing anywhere, all the college coaches who keep coming to see me play get a chance to discover how good some of my teammates really are. If I signed early with you, all the other coaches would’ve stopped coming to the games and none of my teammates would’ve gotten recruited.

Let’s face it: We’ve all just been collectively schooled by a (then) 17-year-old. His response to his coach not only defines servant leadership but illustrates the essence of great leadership, period.

The reason his response is so mind-blowing for someone his age — with star status to boot — is that the world wasn’t revolving around his axis, as most self-centered 17-year-olds typically behave.

Instead, he was about helping other people — his less talented teammates. As Lee writes further about Stephen: “He was already thinking about how he can lift up others, how he could help them achieve their goals. He had confidence in his own ability to excel and achieve what he needed to achieve; he wasn’t obsessed with how to make that happen because he knew it would. Instead, he focused on how he could serve others.”

And therein lies the lesson for every leader in the workplace: Your role is to lift up your employees and help them to joyfully achieve their goals so they can thrive. When they succeed, you succeed, and the whole organization succeeds. It’s a thing of beauty.

Attendance- Here is one school’s attempt to lightly and creatively encourage attendance at their school.

That’s all for this week. Make sure to get outside and enjoy the amazing January weather. 60 degrees on Sunday!!

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