September 6

PE- Please work with your PE teacher to share the attached PE keynote with staff (I think and hope it worked this time). I will share the activities as soon as I have them.

2 hour Office Support- Getting closer. Sorry for delays. Will let you know asap how much it will cost you.

From Hayley E.– Please see below re: behavior coaches.

August 30th we found out that our new SRES Tamarack teacher broke her foot. To get all the programs started and running safely our Behavior Coaches have been teaching in the SRES and Tamarack MS/HS program.
This is causing their response to schools to be limited. Coaches are responding to emails and we are responding to emergency’s. We are hoping that this is only for the next 5 days. It is our hope that they will be back and running by 9.16.19!
Attached is the list of schools for the year, we are that Coaches are participating in weekly/monthly building team meetings to understand building, teacher, and student needs and provide support!

Leadership Meeting/ Equity Review Process- We will have our first Leadership meeting of the year on Monday, September 9, beginning at 3:15 in the boardroom. Please see below from Lora for a summary of the meeting focus.

At our leadership team meeting September 16th, our team will spend most of the meeting focused on our district’s 2019-20 Excellence and Equity Review. We will begin with some background information and logistics, then transition into small group listening sessions.

While I don’t want to waste your precious time now providing lots of information, I want to make sure you have a basic idea of the Excellence and Equity Review because it will be on the agenda of the September 9th school board meeting.  Here’s the purpose statement:

The primary purpose of the Excellence and Equity Review is to gather and analyze information related to the academic, social and emotional experiences of our students, particularly those from underserved populations. Our information about students’ needs helps us to more effectively prioritize strategies, allocate resources, and develop staff’s knowledge and skills.

 The district’s process for our first review is a comprehensive one, as you’ll see in our meeting. For almost a year, we have been planning implementation of a systemic review of our academic strengths and needs, similar to the Sites and Facilities Review process. Fortunately, our planned process and activities will also meet Oregon’s new requirements for districts’ outreach, etc. related to spending with Student Success Act funds…along with a host of other new requirements.

From Skip- Please see below from Skip and be sure to sign up for the Dreambox training.

Dreambox training- On September 17 in the boardroom we will have our Dreambox train-the-trainer training. Please indicate below who will be attending. We would like one teacher from grades 3-5 and one admin or specialist who is invoved in your EBISS team.  Please sign up here –

Health In Service- Portland Public Schools Health and PE Department along with the REAHL Initiative have recently partnered with OHA and ODE to improve the health of elementary students by training teachers to provide skills-based health education and curricular integration. On October 3rd and 4th Bend will be hosting this training in the boardroom.  We are targeting two teachers per grade level district-wide (not per school – first come, first served) to participate in this work.  After this two-day training a third day will be scheduled to work on identifying integration opportunities for health instruction.  At that time, we will include PE teachers and SEL teachers. Please add the names of any interested classroom teachers below.  ICCL members, teachers getting their admin license, or those with a passion for health education would be good candidates for this work.  Sign up here –

From Alandra Picture will make more sense after you read below.

Welcoming Week Sept. 13-20: This year Bend-La Pine Schools is a supporting partner for the City of Bend’s Welcoming Week activities. Alandra is sending a poster about the events to every school — please hang this on your school’s community bulletin board. She is also sending signs that say “I’m a Welcomer” or “(insert school name) welcomes you”. Feel free photograph staff or students holding these signs. You can share on social media or email photos to Alandra.

What is Welcoming Week? Welcoming Week is a series of events that brings together immigrants and those born within their countries to build strong community connections. These events are guided by the principles of inclusion and creating communities that prosper because everyone feels welcome, including immigrants and refugees.

Learn more: City of Bend site and National Welcoming Week site

From Sean- Sean sent you some info regarding a Collaborative Problem Solving training earlier this week, but wanted to remind you of/have it handy for you as a reference. Here is the email Sean sent: I have some good news about the upcoming CPS training on October 9-11.  Through the Culture of Care grant, I have 33 scholarships available for subs (worth $500 each).  Each school that sends a staff member is guaranteed at least one scholarship.  If not all schools  use the scholarships, we will divide them up evenly among schools that are participating.  If you were already sending staff members, please consider sending some more.  Please indicate which staff members you would like to attend to Denise Sevigny no later than Friday, September 13th.  After the 13th, we will sell slots to other districts that are very interested in this training.  Please let me or Denise know if you have any questions.

Insurance- HR has asked that we ask you to encourage people to be sure they have signed up for insurance. Please pass along the below information from HR:

Open enrollment is upon us, and as of today we have 1,130 employees who have not yet elected their benefits for the 2019-2020 school year. Open enrollment ends September 15th, which will fall on a Sunday this year.  OEBB and Bend-La Pine will not be staffed over the final weekend to assist or answer questions. Please encourage your staff to complete enrollment at their earliest convenience so that any technical difficulties or questions can be addressed ahead of the enrollment deadline.

To enroll, please visit:!pb.main

Thank you so much for any support you can give to employees to complete this process!

Title I Info- JoAnne is updating your Title budgets with the final allocation numbers and should have them to you soon. JoAnne and I are also beginning to prepare for a possible monitor from ODE. We’ve dodged it for a while, so we know our turn is coming. To help us with this process we will be asking for documents throughout the school year. The first thing we need is a copy of your “Parent Compact”. Please drop this in the ‘Parent Compact’ folder. You can find this by going to your shared drives. Open Title IA 2019-2020. Then go to the “Monitor Docs” folder. Then go to “Parent Compact” folder. Please be sure it is labeled with your school name. Please drop a copy of all languages you have.  Contact JoAnne if you are having trouble with this. Thanks.

Upcoming Events

September 9- Leadership Meeting- 3:15- Boardroom

September 23- Horizontal Meeting- 3:15- Ponderosa (site will rotate)

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