January 31

Leadership meeting– Remember leadership meeting at 3:15 Monday. Lots of important budget information so you don’t want to miss.

Out- I will be out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at a PD. I will be checking email and will be available by cell.

Transfer Interviews- Jon and I are looking at a tentative date of Tuesday, March 3 for transfer interviews. Please let me know by the end of next week if that will not work. We want to get that completed early this year as we also hope to begin hiring a bit earlier this year.

Resiliency Survey – Be on the lookout for an email outlining the process for this year’s resiliency survey. Just like last year, you will once again have a pre-set date. If that date does not work for you, please rearrange- directions will be in the email. A team will be at your school on the date to help administer.  You will also have directions on the letter to be sent home 1-2 weeks prior to the survey. The email should arrive next week.

Sustainability- Jackie Wilson asked me to pass along this Sustainability Tip handout from the month of January (that I’m sure is still good for February!).

February is Black History Month – This is a great opportunity for you/your staff to shine a light on a group of people who are often not discussed (outside of slavery) in terms of what they have contributed to US history. Here are some resources for you and your staff to generate ideas (or simply take and use) over the course of the next four weeks (and beyond).

HR Update- From Debbie Watkins: I have received a few calls this week regarding breaks and lunches for classified staff, which made me realize it is a great time to send a reminder on our contract language regarding breaks for staff.  (Article 16.5)

  • If an employee is scheduled for four (4) hours but less than six (6) hours, the employee must be scheduled for one fifteen (15) minute paid break.
  • Employees scheduled for six (6) hours get a fifteen (15) minute paid break and a minimum of a thirty (30) minute unpaid meal period.
  • Employees scheduled for more than six (6) hours shall receive two (2) fifteen (15) minute paid breaks and a minimum of one (1) thirty (30) minute unpaid meal period.

Also, please know you cannot regularly schedule lunches or breaks at the start or end of the employee’s work hours, or combine break and lunch periods to provide for early release or longer lunch breaks.  This would be considered a violation of our contract and Oregon law.  You do, however, have flexibility to modify an employee’s daily schedule for an extenuating circumstance.  If you have any questions about employee work schedules and ensuring you are providing the appropriate paid and unpaid breaks, please call our office.

That’s all for today. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

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