March 6

ACR’s- ACR’s were due on Monday. You have all made it clear we don’t need a meeting to sign these. Please remember that both the releasing and receiving princpals need to approve. Please be sure to call and discuss. We have for the most part approved ACR’s that are submitted before the deadline. One exception has been if a particular grade is getting very full and you don’t anticipate getting another teacher. In that case, you are alright to tell parents you won’t be able to answer until closer to the start of school- August. Please be sure to have ACR’s pointed in Synergy by the end of the day Tuesday. Brad uses this to finalize staffing allocations, which we hope are to you by Friday. Please give me a call if you would like to talk through any ACR’s you aren’t sure about.

Staffing- Tuesday’s board meeting is where we hope to have the SIA plan approved by the board. If that is done, then Brad will be able to send out staffing allocations Friday. Once you have those, you can begin working on your staffing plan. Here is a rundown of the process. Steps may change or get revised as we move forward and learn more.

  • Submit staffing plan for approval. Please let me know when it is complete.
  • Any blank teaching spots can be hired from the generic postings.
  • Please be sure that you are communicating with your principal colleagues and me before any teacher transfers are initiated. I would love a heads up if you are considering an in-district candidate for an opening.
  • Counselor positions are posted. If you are planning to hire a counselor (some of you will be required to), let me know. We will organize some group interviews.
  • The job description for the SEL/Behavior position in your schools is almost complete. We are just waiting on a couple of pieces to be finalized. Once that is done, we will post.
  • Other positions you might have open (specialists, etc.) can be posted once I have approved your staffing plan and given the thumbs up for posting to you and HR. I will do this in the same manner as past years- through an email to you and HR.
  • Job fair will be April 13.
  • We will talk more about this at our horizontal meeting on 3/16.

As I’ve said, things will be fast and furious this year, but we will want to be sure that we are still being selective and vigilant in hiring the best people for the job. Nothing causes more work/stress than a bad hire.

New PositionAs I said above, the SEL/behavior position job description is almost complete. I linked a draft so that you can begin to solidify your thinking around what this position is and isn’t. Principals I’ve talked to seem to have a pretty good understanding of the kind of role this will be, but they’ve also shared with me that some teachers are thinking of this as specialist who would deliver SEL lessons to classes on a regular rotation. That is NOT what the role is. The right person in this role will be key to the success in your buildings. I will keep you in the loop as we move forward and revise. Please remember this is a draft.

Mini observations- One more reminder to be caught up on these. Be sure to record in Talent Ed and communicate to teachers. Need to have 4 completed by spring break.

Upcoming Events

March 7-8- Spring forward one hour

March 10- Board Meeting

March 13- Staffing Allocations Released

March 16- Horizontal Meeting- 3:15 @ Juniper

March 23-27- Spring Break

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