February 25th – March 1st

Article of the Week:

Understanding Others Feelings: What is empathy and why do we need it?

Important Notes:

School Closure:

NO School Days:
Supervisors, Confidential and Classified Employees with work calendars of 207 days or more:
These employees are expected to report to work as close to regular report
times as possible. If they are unable to report they need to report their
absence on the absentee report form. If eligible, they may use personal
leave or non-contract time to cover the absences, or may be approved to
reschedule the hours missed with their immediate supervisor.
Employees covered by the collective bargaining agreement with the Bend
Education Association do not report to work on weather closure days.
Those employees who may have arrived at work will be excused from duty.
The school day may be rescheduled at the discretion of the Superintendent.
Less than 207 Day Classified Employees:
Classified employees scheduled to work less than 207 days are generally
scheduled to work on days that parallel when students and staff are on the
job, therefore, they DO NOT report to work on weather closure days and
they will not receive a wage deduction. If the employee has already
reported to work and failed to receive the closure notice, they will be
excused for the remainder of the day, but will not receive additional
compensation. Employees shall be required to work scheduled student
contact make-up day(s) with no expectation of additional compensation. *
Delayed Start to School:
All employees are expected to report to work as close to their regular report time
as safely possible. If the program or assignment they normally are responsible for
has been changed due to the late start, their immediate administrative supervisor
may request them to perform other duties to assist the school or department. In
the case of late starts, no employee whose work hours are affected by the delay
will receive a salary deduction and the hours will not be rescheduled at a later
time. Employees that are unable or choose to not report to work on a delayed start
day must report their absence to their supervisor and on the absentee report form.
If eligible, they may use personal leave to cover the absence.

Tam @ Ed Center: Here is an opportunity for students from Deschutes County: “The substance abuse prevention team at Deschutes County Health Services is looking to interview middle school and high school students about prescription drug misuse/abuse. These interviews are part of a federal grant awarded to Deschutes County that aims to investigate prescription drug misuse/abuse in 12-25-year-olds throughout the county. Students will not be asked about personal prescription drug misuse/abuse but rather what their and their peer’s perceptions are around this topic. Further, when the data is analyzed from interviews, any information that would allow others to identify the students, individuals that they may identify in the interview or locations mentioned will be removed. Interviews take around 30-45 minutes and students will receive a Dutch Bros gift card for their time. IF YOU CHAT WITH ON OF OUR STUDENTS, LET ME KNOW IF WE HAVE STUDENTS WHO MAY BE INTERESTED!

Tam @ Ed Center- District Staff Breakfast on Wednesday 2.27.19



Tam @ Ed Center 1:1 Meetings

Tam @ SRES CPI PD (LPE can join if interested!)

This Weeks Weather

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