March 4th – 8th

REJUVENATION is the Word of the Month!

Article of the Week: 

A intro interview with Oprah on a story she did on childhood Trauma for 60 Minutes: The Life-Changing Story

Important Notes:

Tamarack K-12 and Classroom Dollar Spending– Just a reminder when looking to spend any money for students, classrooms, or the programs ALL purchases need to be approved by me. This can be done in person, via text, or email.

Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday, March 10.


3.5.19 Tam @ LPE SET (Laura, Lorna, Hayley)


Tam @ Ed. Center SET (Rick, Dan, Leslie, Hillary, Shannon, Marshall, Steve, Jen, Amanda, Hayley)

3.7.19 Tam @ SRES SET (Annie, Haley, Cristina, Lorna, Hayley)

This Weeks Weather

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