October 7th – 11th

Article of the Week:
Unsung Hero For all the great work Tam staff does- it is easy to get lost in the negative of working with our community… this video is a good reminder of how it only takes one person “believing in good” to touch the lives of many in positive ways. Thank you for all you do!

Important Notes:
Tam @ Ed. Center- Here is a short PowerPoint presentation on the First Step app on student and staff iPads. It was created with the goal of staff being able to present it to students in a class (or whole-school during 1st period) as a reminder that it is there, how it works, and what types of tips should be reported.

10.9.19 1:15pm-3:00pm- Personal Professional Development- Please use this time to connect with your PPD team and work on your established plans. (Locations: To be determined by individual teams).

This Weeks Weather

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