September 23rd – 27th

´╗┐Article of the Week:
Now that we are a few weeks in routines have been set for students! Here is a great article to support the importance of routines.
Rules and Routines and Standards

Important Notes:
If you ask the students, “What are you supposed to be doing/working on right now?” Can they answer? Do they know? (If not, work is needed on the routine!)

Academic Assessments: Please complete students academic assessments this week, if you have not already done so. (Once complete, please email me that it is completed!)

Coaches Out for CPI This Week:
Jen and Lorna will be out Tuesday and Wednesday. Amanda and Darlene will be out Tuesday-Friday.

Wednesday is a Tamarack Work Day:
Educational Assistants: please work with your teacher to help prep/prepare materials for the coming days/weeks.

Case Managers: please set up data. How we rung the data reports (What they look like) need to be set up by Friday 9.27.19. Rick is the master of the data reports. Please reach out to him so that you can get the reports organized the way they need to be.

9.24 & 9.25 Hayley Out at a Conference but still available via phone and text (Site based programs- work with your building admin if admin is needed, Ed. Center- TBD).

9.25.19 Tamarack Work Day

This Weeks Weather

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