February 3rd – 7th

Article of the Week: Reminder about Rapport as we start 2nd Semester!
6 Ways to Build Rapport with Students

Important Notes:
Word of the Month: Relationship Building

February is Black History Month – and a great opportunity for you to shine a light on a group of people who are often not discussed (outside of slavery) in terms of what they have contributed to US history. Here are some resources for you to generate ideas (or simply take and use) over the course of the next four weeks (and beyond).

Tam @ Ed Center- Please send back up Sub Plans to Kaisha ASAP!

Matthew will be supporting at the NEST this week- Thank you Matthew!

Steve will be delivering iPads to SRES Monday afternoon and will have a quick training for you all on Lock-Down- Thank You Steve!

Upcoming- 2.10.20 K-12 Ice Skating Day (Make sure you have buses set!)

2.5.20 SET Tam @ Ed Center
2.5.20 Site Activity (Behavior Coaches will send out plans on Tuesday!)
2.5.20 Hayley Out Wednesday afternoon-Friday (Plans for coverage will be shared)
2.12.20 PPD Wednesday

This Weeks Weather

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