Sketchnoting in Notability

Notability is truly our workhorse for students with regard to turning in work from student iPads.  But, Notability can be so much more!  Consider notetaking.  Some  of our students have taken to sketchnoting  (see this link).  Notability is the perfect app for students to practice this skill.   Even better, they can record important content from class while they are taking their notes.  The final product- beautiful notes and drawings accompanied by audio that when played back can make their notes come alive!  Watch the linked tutorial with your class and see what happens.Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 12.39.11 PM

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Teacher / Instructional Coach with 17 experience. Fortunate to work at Bend-La Pine Schools. Enjoy camping, skiing, white water rafting and my two amazing kids.

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