Synergy-Writing Comments for Elementary Report Card


Can It Be June Now??!

Our kids are squirmy! Our car windshields wear a cloak of yellow pollen (can you even believe how much pollen?). Anything resembling a regular schedule has long since been tossed out the wide open classroom window, and reading logs come back an unsigned crumple if they come back at all…

It must be May.

June is calling ever so loudly, but those Report cards still stand between you and a long nap by the lake, right? Maybe you’ve already started working through your comments one kiddo at a time or maybe you crash through it all at once on grading day. Either way, please, please make sure you use the tricks in Synergy to write your comments the easy way! 

Almost there...just one more comment to write...
Almost there…just one more comment to write…

Here are some short tutorials to remind you what those tricks are:

1. Mass Assign Comments by Dragging and Dropping. This trick is used for assigning lots of pre-written comments from a comment bank. The advantage of this is you can do a LOT of work really quickly and it looks surprisingly personalized. In a nutshell, you create a Comment Bank and then drag and drop comments to specific kids or groups of kids. I call it the “PE & Music Teacher’s Best Friend”, but it’s really everyone’s best friend, because if you use the name/pronoun codes (they look like this <<name>>) it will save you massive amounts of time editing the names and pronouns. This one little trick turns canned comments into actual personal ones that make it seem like you wrote them (which you did…you just wrote it once instead of 30 times). USE this! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here…Read these Instructions for Mass Assigning Comments.

2. Use Report Card Matrix Comment Area. This trick is for when you want to see your whole list of students and write a bunch of personalized comments for them. If you love writing these, don’t forget, you only have space for 1070 characters on your report card.

3. Enter Comments Individually. This is the old fashioned way, but it’s still the best way if you’re the type who likes to do one student at a time and enter their grades and comments all at once. This view gives you access to the Comment Bank and lets you write individualized comments.

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