Apple Classroom Application Set Up

Apple Classroom (or just Classroom) is a device management app that allows teachers to interact and observe student progress while they work on iPads in your classroom.  In order to get the most out of this powerful application, teachers should understand a bit of how it works and how to properly set up their classroom.

How it works:

  • The classroom app will connect with students over wifi and  Bluetooth.   This will create a strong connection between the teacher iPad and the student iPad.  Because of this, we suggest you use the Classroom app to display student work to your classroom projection station.  We have found this method to be more reliable than our previously supported method, Airserver.
  • Students must have their Bluetooth settings switched to ON in order for the Classroom app to function.
  • The application should only be loaded on the TEACHER iPad
  • Classroom does not work from a Computer

Apple Classroom Settings:

Apple classroom is set up differently for elementary teachers and secondary teachers.  Elementary classrooms are in the “ad-hoc” method.  Therefore, teachers must manually name and add students to their classroom. This allows teachers to make separate classrooms for their math, reading, pe, and music classes.  New students to the class will need to be manually added to the Classroom app.    Secondary teachers are set up “automatically”.  When they open Classroom for the first time, they will see their class list as it is shown in Synergy. New students and changes will occur automatically.

How to set up your classroom:  (Elementary Teachers, and Westside)

Teacher instructions:

  1. Download the Classroom App from self-service on your Teacher iPad.
  2. Put your name in the Teacher information pop up menu.
  3. Click “create a class” and give it the name you wish your students to see. (example;  Mr. McDonald’s Reading Group)
  4. When the students are present, open the app, navigate to your new classroom and choose ADD from the top right.
  5. Write down 4 digit add code on your board.  (this code changes every time you hit the add button)

Student instructions:

  1. Make sure Bluetooth settings are on and that you are on BLS wifi.
  2. Go to the settings menu.  When the teacher opens the classroom app.  A classroom icon will appear under the VPN settings button.
  3. Choose classroom. Write your first and last name and enter the 4 digit code provided by your teacher
  4. Change both settings questions from “ask” to “always”
  5. Click “add”

Trouble shooting:

Some students may not receive the Classroom icon in their settings menu the first time around.   If this happens the teacher should wait until the first group of students is finished before they hit ADD again.   It may take up to three efforts to get all of your students!
Please read our previous Apple Classroom Blog entry linked here if you need tips on what Apple Classroom can do for you.

Please reach out to your Instructional Technology Support Coach if you have any other questions or issues.

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