Siri Activation on All iPads

This year we received several requests to activate Siri on all student iPads so we decided to have the Advisory Committee weigh in on the decision.  Representatives from each level at almost all schools discussed the pros and cons of activating Siri.  Their recommendation was that it be turned on.  Their thoughts were that there are some real benefits to Siri and having it on provides our students with another valuable and useful tool.  Additionally, the voice dictation feature of the iPad relies on Siri and cannot be used without Siri being active.

Here are some ways teachers are using Siri in the classroom (from

  • Word definitions – Not only will Siri give you a definition of a word, but she’ll provide you with the spelling of the word too. To try this out, say “define conjunctivitis” to Siri.
  • Help with visualization – Oftentimes, Siri will show you an image along with other pertinent information. Try asking, “What is an isosceles triangle?”, or “What does a velociraptor look like?”.
  • Dictation – Students can dictate into Siri, and Siri will transform their spoken words into written type. This feature works in any app that allows you to type.
  • Translation – Siri can act as your virtual translator. Ask her, “What is breakfast in French?”, or “How do I say hello in Japanese?”. This can help you make new foreign friends quickly.
  • Historical information – Ask Siri about dates in history such as, “When was the Battle of Hastings?”, or “When did the Beatles break up?”.

These are just a few examples. Check out these resources for more ways to use Siri in the classroom:

If you have any questions please reach out to your instructional technology coach.

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