If I were in your shoes…by Jenn Montoya


I so deeply admire each of you and the way you are already rolling up your sleeves to take on this work! I also love watching how well we collaborate and work together in these challenging times. My greatest hope is that we rely on each other…we each bring different levels of expertise and thinking to the table and I think collectively we will do an amazing job! My best advice is to reach out for support and to work smarter, not harder…rely on your team to divide and conquer your planning and lessons so that there is less weight on one person. Lean on others who can guide you through this learning and use the power of YET! 

Also…baby steps. Take it slow. Very slow. Add one small new learning and implement that and soon all of your layers will add up to something great!

I also agree that connections are everything! Our own son has been so thrilled to see his class and teacher via WebEx these last few days and it has meant so much to him to have this connection with his friends.

Wishing us all the best as we move forward!


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