Decluttering YouTube for Students

Force a Popup

To force YouTube videos to open in fullscreen, without suggested videos off to the side, etc. you can adjust the url slightly. When looking at a YouTube link, they all have the same general look such as this:
Every YouTube url has a ? in it.

Add _popup directly BEFORE each question mark, like this:

Please note: This tip does not effect filters. Blocked videos will still be blocked. Videos shared and played in this way will still show a grid of suggested videos when the video concludes.

Force Videos to Begin at a Certain Starting Point
  • Open a YouTube video.
  • Play the video and pause it when you’ve reached the time you’d like the video to start.
  • Now click the SHARE button under the playback window.
  • In the window that appears, check the box next to Start at, which is at the bottom of the pop-up window.

2 Replies to “Decluttering YouTube for Students”

  1. And how do you choose a stopping point as well if you don’t want them to watch the whole video?

    • Hi Lori – Adjusting the stop-time is a bit more complicated than adjusting the start-time, so that’s why it wasn’t mentioned in the original blogpost. To adjust the end-time of a YouTube video, you’d need to edit the embed code. There are several articles and how-to videos on the internet that explain how to do that. Since none of those articles or videos are from an official YouTube Support page or from a site that’s been vetted by our school district, they won’t be listed in this reply. Someone from Instructional Tech can definitely work with you in-person or over the phone to help whenever needed. Please keep us posted with how we can support you and your students!