Student iPads…and How You Can Help

We’re pleased to introduce the updated iPad Basics for quick reference to the ins and outs of BLS student iPads, including handy tricks like autofilling passwords. These slides could be offered digitally or printed and posted.

A few pro tips….

  • When introducing something new on the iPad, choose a student to screen mirror for the rest of the class to see. Because student iPads sometimes look different than teacher devices, having the visual from a student’s screen is helpful. This is especially true when installing/opening/logging into a new app because they’ll all be able to see the set-up steps. 
  • The old rule of restarting is an oldie but goodie. It works even better if before the restart, all apps and browser tabs are closed. Sometimes a hard reboot might be in order if things seem to be really hung up. (See the Slide Deck for how-tos.) 
  • Want iPads to run smoothly? Update the iOS. These updates not only fix bugs and security issues, they reveal the latest and greatest features. 
  • Keep it positive. Although technology can be fussy, it makes learning possible in ever-changing new and meaningful ways. Keeping a positive outlook toward digital learning encourages a growth mindset.

Every school has its own tier one tech support person. Think of them as your go-to tech first responder. If further help is needed, our instructional technology team is here to help! As always, keep your eye on this blog for all things instructional technology.

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