Seesaw & Google Classroom End of Year FAQs


Do K-2 BLS teachers need to archive their Seesaw classes?
No. K-2 BLS teachers do not need to archive their Seesaw classes. Since K-2 uses Clever for Seesaw rostering, BLS K-2 teachers do not need to go through the archive process.

How long do families have access to their child’s Seesaw journal?
Click here to view the entire support article from Seesaw about family access.

How do families and students download an archive of student work?
Click here to learn how families can download a .zip file archive of a Seesaw journal. There are directions in English, Spanish, and French for families.

Where can I find more answers to questions about Seesaw?
Seesaw has an excellent support site. Explore its resources by clicking here.  Seesaw also has a YouTube channel with many helpful tutorials.

Google Classroom

How can I archive my Google Classroom Class and what happens after that?
When teachers are done with a Google Classroom class, they can archive it. When a class is archived, it’s archived for all students and teachers in that specific class. If teachers don’t archive a class, students and teachers in that class will continue to see it on their Classes page. Please read more about this process here: Archive or delete a Google Classroom class.

Questions? Need Help?

Please reach out to your school’s Instructional Coach or to the Instructional Technology Team.