Instructional Technology Resources Available for Check-Out

Did you know that the Instructional Technology team has some great resources that are available to use in your classroom? These tools provide hands-on and engaging opportunities for students at any grade level. Whether you are interested in introducing primary students to the basics of coding, developing multi-week units with Sphero robots, or providing a fun, collaborative challenge to your class with Breakouts, we have the tools for you.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions about these tools. Request forms are linked under each section, and can also be found on our homepage. Your instructional technology coaches are available for training staff (1:1, grade level team, or whole staff), providing classroom support, or teaching a lesson in your classroom. Let us know how we can help!

Sphero Bolt

The Sphero Bolt is a programmable robot ball that students can drive and code using the Sphero app and their Clever log-in. Sphero Bolt offers three different types of coding, including Drawing (for beginners), Block (for intermediate), and Text (for advanced).

Each Sphero set includes 15 Sphero Bolts and a charging case. The instructional technology team currently has over two dozen sets that can be checked out to teachers for multi-week use, and can most likely be delivered on relatively short notice.

Interested in a set of Sphero Bolts in your classroom? Request a set here!

This introductory video produced by the Sphero company will provide an overview of what the Bolt looks like in action.


Ozobots are little robots that are designed as an introduction to coding. Students use color combinations drawn on paper using markers to make the Ozobots move. They are a great way to introduce students to coding without the use of a screen.

The Ozobot set includes 18 robots and a tub of markers to use for coding. The instructional technology team currently has one set of Ozobots that can be checked out for 1 to 5 days at a time. It is recommended to sign-up using the check-out calendar in advance to ensure they are available. Schedule with your entire grade-level team to optimize the time they are in your building.

Interested in Ozobots in your classroom? Request the set here!

Want to see Ozobots in action? Check out this getting started video on how Ozobots use colors to introduce students to coding.


The Bee-Bot is the newest addition to the instructional technology team resources and provides a hands-free and screen-free coding opportunity for students in primary grades. The Bee-Bot is coded using the four directional buttons. This is a great way to teach students about control, directional language, and basic programming.

The Bee-Bot set includes 12 robots and a two charging stations. The Bee-Bots can also be split into two smaller sets of 6 robots each and a charging station. The set also includes two country road maps, two community maps, two CVC words mat with word cards, and several sets of command cards.

Interested in using the Bee-Bots in your classroom. Request the set here!

Check out this video to see Bee-Bots in use in a primary classroom.

SAM Lab Kits

A SAM Labs STEAM Course Kit teaches students fundamental skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration. Each kit includes small wireless blocks that can be connected and programmed using the SAM Space app to bring engineering, science, and technology into the classroom.

The district is permanently dispersing the brand-new STEM based SAM Labs kits housed at the district office. If you are interested, please fill out this Google Form to request a SAM Lab Kit.

Other important information about SAM Lab Kit

  • SAM Labs requires a subscription to utilize the app.
  • The district paid the subscription for everyone K-8 for the 22/23 school year. The app is in Self Service. 
  • Moving beyond 22/23, sites wanting to utilize their SAM Lab kits will purchase their own subscription. Pricing is included in the request form.
  • SAM Lab kits are obsolete without a subscription to the app.

Breakout EDU Kits

Breakout EDU kits are a game-like platform that requires students to use problem-solving and collaboration skills. Similar to an escape room, students must work through a series of puzzles and clues to open a variety of physical and digital locks. One Breakout EDU box can be dropped off for classroom use for one week, or five Breakout EDU boxes can be brought into the classroom for a team-based interactive activity lasting approximately 45-60 minutes.

Due to limited resources and time involved with setting up each kit, the Breakout EDU theme will rotate on a monthly basis. Breakouts are a great collaborative activity for students in upper elementary through high school. They also provide a fun, team-building opportunity for school staffs as well!

Interested in using Breakout EDU kits in your classroom? See the monthly theme and request form here!

A quick introduction to Breakout EDU