Here is an important message from HR that also has some follow-up communication expected on your part:

We have worked with our OSEA leadership to establish a new classified evaluation rubric (Word and PDF).  While the contract language has not changed around timing or frequency (at least once every two years), this new form will allow for a more meaningful discussion with your classified staff members. 

Additionally, here is the (fillable!) goal setting form to use with staff.  We would like for you to delete all previous evaluation forms you have used in the past with classified from your system.  This new form will be the only one that will be approved for use going forward.  We ask that you plan to discuss this new form with your classified staff and let them know this will be the form used in the spring for evaluations.  We want to avoid any surprises for our staff when you pull out a new form to use for their evaluation. 

As always, we are available for any questions you may have either via phone or when we see you at the next horizontal meeting.  ____________________________________________________

Here is an updated flyer from Meera at Bend International School. BIS still has openings for MS students. Would you consider posting this flyer in your office/on community display board/with counselors? BIS might be a great option for our students who are not being as successful as we know they could be/they would like to be at a larger, more traditional school. _____________________________________________________

And speaking of posting on your community display board (or sharing with counselors/others), here is a flyer from OHP (English & Spanish versions) regarding family health coverage. You may also be receiving additional copies of this flyer to have available at various parent events. (This will be made available by OHP – you do not need to make copies or hand these out.)


Next week (10/14) there will be a training for your 1st and 2nd-year teachers around Disciplinary Literacy. I think this article provides a great definition and understanding of what, exactly, Disciplinary Literacy actually is, as well as providing some great content-specific examples. Thanks to Dean Richards and Alex Child (part-time teacher at SVMS) for leading this work at the MS level. ________________________________________________________

As was mentioned a few weeks ago, our district policy around Mother Friendly Workplace (GBDA-AP) has received some updates. Of particular note are these two pieces:

  • Designate a room, other than a restroom, where an employee can express milk or breast-feed in private, concealed from view and without intrusion by other employees or the public. Office staff should be aware of the room(s) that are available. 
  • The room should be within ‘close proximity’ or walking distance from the employee’s work area ________________________________________________________

As Shay referenced on Monday at our Leadership meeting, here are the full highlights from this fall’s administrator survey and listening session. ___________________________________________________________

Here is a message from Lora (and Jay) that is connected to the Listening Sessions that you’ll be (or just have) conducted with your staff:

Thanks to all of you for your willingness to facilitate SIW activities with your staffs related to the Excellence and Equity Review. I have received notes from a few schools who did the activity this week, and I have a request for those of you who have not done it yet. 

As I reviewed the notes for “areas for growth,” they are PRIMARILY addressing what resources will support your work: more SEL/behavioral support, smaller class sizes, etc. These are important factors and will certainly improve learning in your schools. However, we all know that even with all these additional resources, if the adults and the systems of the schools don’t grow and learn how to address all students’ needs more effectively, we will have limited success in changing the outcomes we already see. 

That is why the second question in the reflection section is so important. It addresses OUR ACTIONS AS ADULTS IN THE SCHOOL. Please help to emphasize this question in both the reflection and discussion portions of your activity. 

Thanks again, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions. _________________________________________________________

Alandra Johnson will be sharing some content with you later today around Excellence and Equity that you can use in your school newsletters. _________________________________________________________

If you have dress up days at some point during the school year, you might want to check out these unique ideas that Kinsey passed along. They definitely have a focus of inclusion and breaking down “walls” between students – while also looking for ways to build new bonds between kids where they didn’t realize they might already exist. ___________________________________________________________


I will be out of town next Tuesday through Friday at the Literacy Leadership Institute at Teacher’s College – Columbia University. If you need any type of assistance, feel free to reach out to me by cell or email first and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. If you need immediate support, Jay or Katie would be happy to help!

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