I thought this might be a good time to share a great reminder about the power the adults in a building (and bus!) have on the experience a child has at school. Every Opportunity provides a student point of view look at what adults are teaching students every day and what students are “learning.”


You support students with a variety of backgrounds and physical, sexual, and emotional make-ups. In this light, you either have or will work with students/families of students who are transgender. At times, this brings up circumstances for you to work through that do not have clear guidance and need to be processed on a case-by-case basis. This guidance document from ODE on working with Transgender Students can be helpful and provides some boundaries for us to use. Although these should not be considered legal advice or laws to follow, our district does use these guidelines to help us frame our responses to situations that arise. Please take some time to read these guidelines. This document will eventually be posted on our district’s website. If you ever have any questions on this topic, please contact Jon Lindsay or myself.

Biz Kid$, an opportunity offered by Mid-Oregon Credit union, is a national financial literacy initiative that teaches youth about money and business. The Biz Kid$ Business Plan Competition provides the opportunity for credit unions to partner with local middle schools in offering economic and entrepreneurship education to youth, helping them build a solid financial future. Through this competition, students will showcase their hard work while practicing financial education, entrepreneurial, public speaking, and teamwork skills.  Culminating at the end of the school year, the Biz Kid$ Business Plan Competition participants will create business plans that put what they have learned in the classroom into action and provide hands-on, outcomes-based financial education to the students.  Mid-Oregon Credit Union will provide all necessary curriculum, materials, and support to credit unions and classrooms throughout the school year! Credit unions will partner with their local middle schools to bring Biz Kid$ curriculum into the classroom at least once per week.  We ask that credit unions work with schools to begin teaching the curriculum no later than mid-December.  After the 12-week curriculum is complete, students will develop and present their business plans to a panel of local judges (such as someone from your credit union, the school district’s superintendent, and a local elected official).  The winning students will go on to compete by video against students from across the region, and a winning business plan will be selected (and celebrated!) before the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Kyle Frick, at Mid-Oregon Credit Union, could help answer any questions.


Garra notified you of this by email earlier in the week, but thought it was worth repeating… Nutrition Services will be honoring veterans who are family members of a student or staff member by providing him/her with a free lunch on Nov. 8. For more information please refer to Garra’s email sent on 10/21.

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