As you know (9.6.19 TRIBE), your MS AD will be spending some extended time with Sal and other ADs digging into some work that requires more than an hour here or an hour there. During the course of this year, they will be taking (three) 1/2 days for this purpose. If a sub is needed, this should be paid for out of building athletics. If athletics cannot cover this please find another source to cover within your building. I learned today that they have decided to combine (two of the three) 1/2 days in order to meet all day on Friday (today). The other 1/2 day will be connected to a SIW down the road. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this. __________________________________________________________

Last week I shared a number of documents with you related to State Assessment communications. One that was shared included this one for principals to sign and distribute this letter – the same one we used last year. Last week I did not have a Spanish version of this letter, but this week I do! (Again, all of these letters can also be found in our shared Tribe folder in Google Docs – within the BLS Docs folder.) __________________________________________________________

Here is a reminder from Sean R. regarding private practitioners in our schools:

Bend-La Pine Schools does not allow private practitioners to conduct business in our schools during school hours.  This includes a private behavioral health therapist, clinical psychologist, occupational therapist, private behavior support skills trainer, observations by family advocates or any person hired by a student’s family to provide services.  Usually, this will come through as a request from a family to have their private provider observe the student in the school setting.  This does not include private folks related to contracts or partnerships we have with community partners (The Child Center, School-Based Health Center, Deschutes County Health).  Also, this does not include parents inviting a private practitioner to an IEP or team meeting, which is perfectly fine.  If you are approached by a family or private provider about observing or working with a student in your school, consider and try the following:

  1. Explain that BLPS does not allow private providers to conduct business in our schools.  In turn, we will not propose conducting academic instruction in their office.  
  2. Inquire about the type of information they hope to obtain, and offer to have a member of the school team provide that information.  Typically, with the permission of the parents, we can conduct an observation and share the results with the family and private provider.
  3. If the family requests that a provider come into school and perform their services in the school setting, inquire about those services and, if appropriate, explain that we have trained staff that can deliver those services.  If needed, convene and school or IEP team to consider the services requested by the parent.
  4. Offer to have our team members consult with the private provider to learn about their work and align services when appropriate.
  5. If asked about a specific policy, please refer to KK-AR: Visitors to District Facilities.  The most pertinent language in this policy includes:

Permission to visit will be granted if, in the judgment of the school principal or designee, the visit serves school interests. Permission to visit will be denied if the visit would be disruptive to the educational program or orderly school operations, would impede the work of teachers through interruptions or unreasonable demands on teacher or staff time, or if the visitor’s course of conduct would conflict with district policies or administrative regulations, building regulations, or the law. The school principal or designee may also deny permission to visit if he or she has reasonable cause to believe that the visit would compromise the safety or welfare of students and staff. The school principal or designee has discretion to limit the scope of the visit as to the duration or specific location of the visit in order to ensure the safety and welfare of students or the orderly administration of educational programs and school operations.

If you continue to get questions about this practice, please refer the parent to the Office of School Support or Special Programs. __________________________________________________________

You may not have one of your students receiving instruction via home tutoring very often, so I thought I’d refresh your memory (or fill you in if you weren’t aware) that your teachers are responsible for providing instructional materials to the tutor. There is no set format (e.g. packets, via iPad, an outline of and materials for what is to be covered, etc.) for what your teacher(s) need to provide the tutor – just that the instructional materials and lesson focus comes from your teacher(s) to the tutor. __________________________________________________________

Here is a letter describing a professional development opportunity for your teachers of writing. (Teaching argument writing through the visual arts.) Please pass along in a way that makes sense to you.


Veterans Day is Monday – no school.

A reminder that I’ll be out of the office from Nov. 14 – 18, but will be (mostly) available by cell/text or email.

Wednesday, Nov. 13 is a district SIW.

Wednesday, Nov. 20 is a teacher-driven SIW.

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