May 22, 2020

To Do:

The summer iPad communications are complete and ready for you to share with your families and students. We are asking you to send out these letters in the usual ways you communicate with your families. Ideally, please send them early next week. The district will also advertise this information in a variety of ways. This letter contains hotlinks embedded, so please share this Word version (rather than PDF). Here is the Spanish version; and the English version. NOTE: If a parent does not want to keep their student(s) iPad over the summer, please be accommodating by allowing them to return it to your school for retention until the start of next year.


Here is a small excerpt from ODE’s most recent guidance for summer – the start of school 2020-21. If you are wanting to read the entire document, you can find it here. We will allow our OSAA sports teams and Bend Parks and Rec to use our facilities beginning June 15 as long as they follow this guidance from ODE. I have also asked Stephanie to have our Base Camp teachers develop a proposal for how we could offer Base Camp in alignment with these guidelines. We recently surveyed our BC students and parents about whether they would participate in Base Camp if it was offered virtually. The feedback we heard was they prefer an in-person camp! We will see where the June guidance takes us and adjust accordingly.


Dean’s role will be expanding next year as he continues to deepen his work in our middle and high schools. Dean Richards will be supporting secondary schools next year as the “Secondary Coordinator of Professional Learning and Instructional Design.”  In this role he will be working on secondary multi-tiered systems of support, coordinating professional learning across the secondary system and supporting administrators on building instructional needs.  Dean says, “I’m excited to be able to work with principals on instructional systems and school design plans to support student learning.”


We have posted info about our graduation ceremonies to our district website:

Thank you for the AMAZING work that has gone into celebrating our seniors!


An important note from BLPO about 2019 SUMMER PROGRAM FEES for ONLINE courses:

  • New or continued original credit course $200. Reduced to $50 if completed with a passing grade by August 18th.
  • New or continued original credit course for free/reduced lunch students $50. Reduced to $0 if completed with a passing grade by August 18th.
  • New or continued credit recovery course $50. Reduced to $0 if completed with a passing grade by August 18th.
  • New or continued credit recovery course for free/reduced lunch students

$25. Reduced to $0 if completed with a passing grade by August 18th.

  • 2019 Seniors who have 4 or fewer courses (2 or fewer credits) necessary for graduation. No charge.




REMINDER:  The Education Foundation’s Art & Writing Contest for K-12 students in BLS ends on Monday, May 25, 2020.  This fun contest allows our students to showcase their creativity in art and/or writing, as well as having an opportunity to win a gift card from the Education Foundation ranging in value from $25-$50 depending on grade level.  Two winners per category (art or writing) per grade level will be selected for a gift card prize. This contest is completely optional for students, but can be an assignment from a parent/guardian or teacher.  Information and instructions can be found on our website ( or by emailing us at [email protected]

As well, every BLS K-12 educator can email us their name and the school where you teach to enter a drawing to win $100 in classroom credit funds from the Education Foundation as well!  We support you and your efforts in this intricate and evolving educational landscape facing each and every one of us.  Simply email us at [email protected] with your name/school and that’s it!  We will randomly draw two K-12 educator winners on May 29th!

We applaud each and every one of you, and our students, parents & guardians during this time of school closure. YOU can/do/will make a difference — we believe in YOU.  Contact our office at (541) 355-5660 or email: [email protected] with any questions! 


Many students may be applying for financial aid appeals. These can be requested by families in need of great financial aid do to a life-changing event in the family. This article in US News and World Report may be helpful in navigating appeals.


Interesting Reads:

Is this in our future? Check out this article from AP on the reopening of South Korean high schools. Take a few moments to click through the five photos in the article.


You may be interested to learn that the UC system has decided to no longer accept SAT and ACT scores for admission.


Kerry Morton, our K-12 Math TOSA, shared this outstanding resource from TNTP (a nonprofit out of New York*). It is a Learning Acceleration Guide that provides help to educators as we plan for the next school year. *TNTP, formerly known as The New Teacher Project, is an organization in the United States with a mission of ensuring that poor and minority students get equal access to effective teachers.

Ouch – this is tough to read: Check out The Opportunity Myth: What students can show us about how school is letting them down and how to fix it.



Tuesday, May 28 @ 1:00 – HS Principal WebEx

Week of June 1: No HS meeting

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