November 6 Update

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SEL/Culture of Care: All six SEL menus are now available here! I have started working with different grade levels on what kind of additional SEL support they would like. Please reach out if you are looking for something specific, I am more than willing to help!!

The Culture of Care team is putting together a virtual assembly! Thank you to Rob for actually putting it all in one place. He is going to have it ready to show your classes on Friday, November 20th. It will be in movie format on YouTube so it should be easy to play. We are hoping you will be able to watch it with your class on that Friday. Thank you!!!!

Here is the link to the staff Kahoot. Some of you were wanting to see it again. 

Our Fall MAC Survey day is Monday, November 9, 2020.

Storyline – I don’t think this will come as a surprise, but we can safely say this will not be a year for an all school storyline.  At some point after the new year, we can convene as a team and discuss the 2021-2022 school year Storyline plan.

OutMy timeline changed slightly so I will be on campus on Monday and Tuesday next week.  On Tuesday afternoon, Heidi and I will bring Vanessa Tobolski around to meet anyone who is on campus and available to say a quick “hello” between 12:30 and 1:30.  While I am out I will be in contact by email.  Please continue to email me and Heidi Thomas with any questions or concerns throughout my absence.  Heidi will be able to problem-solve just about everything and if needed she can punt to Vanessa or me when the need arises.  Obviously on the surgery date and a few days following I will not be available, but as soon as I am feeling up for it, I intend to stay connected (it’s just too stressful not to do so). 

Meeting Next Week: Thursday 11/12, 2:45-3:30 – Family Connections Team – WebEx Meeting  

Return to School Phases – Next week Lora will share the return to school phases.  These will provide a great look ahead for what happens if we meet the metrics on any particular Monday between now and Winter break.

Safety Team

Here is this week’s update from TLC

Optional opportunity from Alandra – We know the world, and even our community, can feel awfully stressful and hostile right now. We are hoping to make the discourse in our community more positive and are launching a kindness campaign with regional partners to elevate stories of kindness – with special focus on World Kindness Day, Nov. 13. If you are interested in learning more and supporting this effort: Here is a list of ideas of how to join both in and out of school. We are hoping these resources will make it easy to join: Writing prompts, for instance; topics for advisory or freshmen foundations; a contest at the high school level; books to read at the elementary level. Additionally, we know many schools are ALREADY doing a lot around kindness. Please consider sharing with Alandra the great work you are already doing. Thank you. And if you haven’t yet watched the kindness launch video featuring our 8th graders, be sure to do so.

COVID communication from Julianne – We have a series of pre-produced messages (approved by the health department ) for a variety of scenarios that will be used to share messaging around positive cases. If you’re interested in seeing these, let me know.  Below are links to two samples:

Also, if you’re interested in our communication protocols, you can find them here.

WebEx Security Updates – On Monday, November 30th our WebEx instance will receive another security upgrade.  As of that date, students who are logged in to the WebEx platform will go directly into their teacher’s meeting room, whereas those who are not logged in will need to be let in from the “waiting room”.  More about this change can be found in our blog entry.  Our Instructional Technology team recommends that all students log in to WebEx independent of their scheduled meetings to facilitate the process; logins can happen any time so long as they are done before November 30th.  

Apple iOS 14.1 – On Wednesday, November 11th, the newest iPad operating system will be available for students to download.  Students will not have to upgrade immediately, but will be prompted at some point that the update is available.  When new updates come out, it is possible that we will start to see some challenges with the behavior of other apps.  At this point we have determined that all of our curriculum apps and frequently used tools are ready for this update, so glitches might be the result of students NOT having updated their devices.  Running the iOS update from “Settings” is a great problem-solving step if new app glitches show up.

iCloud Logins – We are also recommending that all students login to their school Apple ID to utilize upgraded iCloud storage.  This message has already been pushed out to many staff members and students, more information on how to do it can be found in this blog entry.

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