January 31st

Happy Halfway Through the School Year!

Talk about visible learning! White boards are such a handy instructional tool. Students enjoy using them and the check for understanding opportunities are amazing. This 1st grader had been navigating the equation, X – 4 = 29

Heads Up…School Improvement Wednesday on February 12th will be PLC Time for grade levels to work on Lava Read 🙂

We are off to the Olympics! The Olympics will be our AR theme this year and soon our reading Olympians will be able to move their cards through the four stops on the journey. In other AR news, the passing/partial points rate on quizzes has been set at 80% (As we discussed in December the default in the program is 85%) We will discuss more AR details at the Staff Meeting on Tuesday.

A team of teachers from Pacific Crest Middle School visited some of our classrooms on Tuesday to observe small group instruction. This team has been considering small groups within their classrooms as a strategy to increase student learning.

Week at a Glance for February 3rd-7th


  • easyCBM window closing Tuesday Tuesday


  • 2:45 Staff Meeting


  • A star from the Central Oregon Symphony visits M & M classes
  • School Improvement Wednesday: District PLC



  • DIBELS Day

Duty Schedule for February 3rd-February 14th

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