January 24

This week we sent the note below to families about the adjustments we have made to the student drop-off/pick-up area: “The next time you drop-off or pick-up your student you will see a safety improvement we have made to the driveway by the Main Entrance to Lava Ridge.  With the goal of making this area safer and improving visibility for students using the cross-walks  we have lined the driveway in this area with cones.  We ask that no cars be parked, or stop for student drop-off or pick-up in this area.  Students can be dropped off on the curb before the cones or after passing them.  

Modeling of Flash Debates in 2nd grade

Got that perfect new password in mind? Not yet? Keep thinking and make sure to update yours by February 19th. Thank you!

Week at a Glance for January 27th-31st



  • 2:45 No PLC Meetings
  • Yummraiser at Panda Express


  • 4th Grade Music Program Dress Rehearsal @ 9:40 (load @ 9:30); K-2 recess will be from 9:15-9:30 and 3rd-5th immediately after the assembly.
  • Lunch in Classrooms
  • School Improvement Wednesday: PLC Time for teams to plan for the implementation of the math differentiation tools and template
  • 4th Grade Music Program @ 6:00


  • 2:45 4th Grade EBISS
  • Monthly Lion Pride Drawing during lunches


  • Work Day

Duty Schedule for January 27-February 7

Lots of fun at the Battle of the Books banquet

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