December 2

Student B- I recently chatted with a principal who had been asked by teachers, “How do we move to student B when we have to spend required amounts of time on reading, writing and math?” I think it’s important for us as school leaders to continue to teach, educate and remind staff that these aren’t mutually exclusive. Moving towards student B means (among lots of other things) integrating student B into everything we do. Student B is not taught in isolation. It is not, “once we finish teaching the required stuff we can teach student B.” Teaching to student B is part of the fabric of everything we do all day long. I know that you all know this, but I am not sure how widely understood it is among some of our teachers (some know it well), and the conversation was a good reminder for us to be continuing to help everyone understand what student B means.

Snow Days/Weather Delays- This is a reminder that we will NOT being doing a phone tree for snow/weather days. Please be sure you are signed up to receive the texts that will communicate any weather related schedule changes. I’m also linking the HR guidelines around school closure and delays.

SLGG’s- Please complete and submit these if you haven’t already. Thanks.

Culture of Safety- I have reviewed the challenging spots with most of you on my most recent visits to your school. Thank you for your work on this. We are doing a great job and have made significant improvements. I am linking the document for you once again. In addition, below is a list of the areas that are in the need of most focus:

  • All exterior doors (minus front entry) should remain locked during the school day/teacher contract day. Exterior doors may not be propped open.
  • Staff should have their keys with them at all times.
  • All staff wear visible, official district ID during their contract day/hours and when visiting other Bend-La Pine Schools and facilities.
  • All visitors and volunteers must use the main entrance. Visitors and volunteers who do not wish to sign in and receive an ID badge may not enter any area beyond the main office.
  • Sign in/sign out may not be self-serve.

Once again, thank you for all of the safety improvements you’ve already made. Please let me know if there are challenges you are facing.

Kindergarten Registration- Here is the early entry brochure that Jody sent out earlier. It is also time to be thinking about kindergarten registration dates. We have had some discussion re: having an earlier round up/ start time for kindergarten registration. Please let me know what you would like to see happen. Would you like an earlier date? If so, what would be your suggestion? Please let me know your thoughts by December 16. I’ll take what I hear from you and roll out a suggested date. Thank you.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year- While we know the lyrics to the song, the truth is not always as rosy. This is a crazy time of year for students and we know the challenges of the weeks leading up to the holidays. In addition to the difficulty students may be experiencing, it may also be a challenging time for staff. Maybe because of, or in addition to, the increased stress and difficult behaviors students are bringing to the classroom, this is also a trying phase for staff. Michele Oakes recently shared this graph in a Mentor Memo. It displays the phases of first year teacher attitudes towards teaching. Although the graph is for first year teachers, I believe it can also reflect the attitudes of many staff and even ourselves. I encourage you to remember this as you navigate the next couple of weeks. What are some ways you might be able to help students, staff and yourself through this time? One way is to remember that it is not unique to you or your building and attitude is one thing we can control.

Leadership Meeting- Our next leadership meeting is Monday. As Andrea emailed, it will begin at 3:45 rather than the normal 3:15. We will follow at 4:15 with our annual McMenamin’s admin holiday party. See you Monday and have a great weekend.

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