December 9

January Site Visits- Please sign up here for January site visits. The focus will be school design mid-year review. More info to come.

Kindergarten Round Up- Please provide your input to me by 12/16  re: kindergarten round up dates. I’ve heard from four schools so far. I’d like to get a date determined so that we can start publicizing. Thanks.

Snow Removal- The snow is flying and probably will be for the next few months. This means removing snow will happen, but likely not in the time frame that works for everyone. Now would be a good time to remind staff, students and parents about snow removal priority areas. Here  is a look at the district’s snow removal program guidelines. Your building engineer should have a photo map of your site’s first and second snow removal priority levels. Please post a copy of your site’s snow removal priority areas for staff to see and on your community bulletin board. Thank you!

 CPR/First Aid- Last year I shared that several sites were short of CPR/ First Aid trained staff. That is no longer the case as every school except one has the minimum number or more of trained staff. Thank you for your work to make sure this happened. Much appreciated!

Cold Weather Recess- Info for the newbies and a reminder for you oldbies (I made that word up) about our guidelines around indoor/outside recess in winter weather. 20 degrees is basically our cutoff point. If it is below 20 degrees (even below 20 degrees windchill) we keep the kids in for recess (I believe La Pine is 10 degrees- maybe that means Three Rivers is 15 degrees?). Those temps are guidelines.  A windchill of 22 with sleet is probably worse than 17 and sunny with no wind. You use your judgement based on to the minute conditions.

Cold and Flu Season- It is definitely flu (and other illnesses) season.  There should be a spray bottle and microfiber cloths in every classroom (Walt is working to replace any missing) that can be used to wipe down doorknobs, desks, counters or other commonly shared spaces.  As you know, this practice will help prevent the spread of germs.

Admin Meetings- Heads up that we are having a leadership meeting on January 9 at 3:15 at the Ed Center. Our next horizontal meeting will be at 4:00 on January 23, site TBD.

Culture- Several times Shay has shared with us the quote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Since I believe this to be true, I share the following from a book If You Don’t Feed the Teachers, They Eat the Students:Don’t ever stop playing and laughing. A day without laughter is also a day not fully lived. There is so much to smile about in our business; and we know that we don’t stop playing because we grow old- we grow old because we stop playing.” I think this quote is especially important next week as the stress of the season begins to build up the last week before the holiday break. So, don’t spend much time next week worrying about sbac or attendance rates or schedule fidelity. Instead, make sure you focus your energy on enjoying your job and helping your students and staff to laugh, have fun and find the joy in just being at your school.  If you don’t believe me, try watching this video that talks about humor in the workplace.

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend if you want to!




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