February 10

Conferences- Thank you for your leadership and carrying a positive message around the revised school calendar. I know there have been several questions about conferences and I hope those are beginning to be cleared up. One question that came recently centered on teachers in the building after hours conferencing with parents alone.  I know this could be an issue. I would recommend to those teachers that they schedule conferences they are concerned about for the Friday of conferences. If that isn’t possible, they could do a phone conferences with potentially difficult parents. You could also let them know that you would be available to stick around and attend conferences of concern.    Once again, we aren’t keeping track of the 8 hours of after hours conferences. My message would be that any parent that the teacher feels needs a conference and any parent that wants a conference gets one. There should be plenty of time for all parents to get at least a phone conference between the Friday and after hours time. Please call me if you’d like to talk through specific scenarios. Thanks again for helping navigate all of the questions.

School Start Time Committee- As some of you are aware, Jay has facilitated a group that was considering school start times.  This committee was made up of parents, transportation, HS athletics, union representation, teachers, community partners, building and district administrators. Scott Edmondson, a classroom teacher from Highland and I were elementary school representatives for these meetings.  We have come to a point where this group will be making a recommendation based on thinking to date to Shay in the coming weeks.  There is no plan at this point to make any start time adjustments for the 2017-18 school year, but rather to use the coming months to collect additional information from our community before any final decision is made and put into place.  Lastly, one other option that was not seriously considered (yet) is a universal start time for all K-12.  There will be some work done through transportation this summer to determine if this last option can even be in the mix with our currently available bus fleet and drivers. Please let me know if you have any questions.

School Design- I have really enjoyed reviewing school design plans with many of you this past round of visits. Please keep your version of SD updated in our school design google doc with your latest and greatest. I would also encourage you to take some time on occasion to take a look at the other school design plans in the doc. Lots of great ideas, approaches and thinking are readily available. If I haven’t already been to your school, here is a set of questions that I am encouraging folks to use as they continue their work on SD. The questions would also be helpful for your goal teams or leadership teams to use as they work with the greater school community on school design.

That is all for today. I hope that you have a great weekend.

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