February 17

FTE Calculations- How we calculate and record FTE will be changing next year. Please see this Q and A for details:

What is changing?
We plan to enable a new Synergy feature in September 2017 that will automatically calculate the FTE for each student.

Why are we making this change?
Reporting accurate FTE values is essential because our funding is dependent on student FTE.   Calculating student FTE is difficult.  Since the 2013-14 school year, we have asked office staff to manage FTE changes manually.  Enabling this new feature will relieve this burden.  Additionally, allowing Synergy to calculate student FTE values allows calculations to be more consistent, which will reduce errors and allow for easier identification of possible issues.

How does this new feature work?
Synergy will take the school calendar, meeting days, bell schedules, and the student schedule into account when making this calculation.  For more information, please contact Austin James.

How will this change affect staff at my school?
Since Synergy will be calculating student FTE, registrars, counselors, and counseling support staff will no longer need to manage FTE changes.  These staff will need to continue to record student enrollments and class schedule changes accurately in Synergy.  Schedulers will need to be accurate when entering data while setting up the master schedule for the next year.  Additionally, keeping school calendars and bell schedules up to date will be vital.  The Information Technology department will continue to provide assistance in accurately inputting school schedules, bell schedules, and emergency closure days.

When will training be available for my staff?
Middle and high school schedules can be complex.  We would like the opportunity to sit down with MS and HS office staff to help them become comfortable with these upcoming changes.  We would also like to listen to their concerns so that we can work together to build a workable implementation plan for each school.  Rachel Mavis will reach out in the near future to begin these conversations.  Elementary schools schedules are much more straightforward.  We will reach out to elementary school staff later this spring.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Many thanks.

The Center Helmet Assembly- The Center Foundation is once again providing bicycle helmets to all third graders who need one. Just like last year, they provide a 45 minute assembly with education on head injury, followed by a helmet fitting for students who indicate they need a helmet. Here is what you need to know/do:

  • Sign up for a date/time. Here is a link to a google doc. Please complete for your school (the section on needed helmets will be completed by you after letters are returned-see next). They can start assemblies as early as Monday, April 17 and conduct them as late as Friday, May 26.  Assemblies/fittings must be completed before noon. Fittings take approximately an hour after the assembly. So, don’t plan to start an assembly after 10.
  • Distribute letters to all third graders. Letters will be delivered to you when all schools have completed the spreadsheet.
  • Collect returned letters in the office. Letters need to be returned to the school office no later than two weeks prior to the assembly, so please plan accordingly with distribution. The returned letters are for students needing a helmet.  Please complete the last section of the google doc when these are all returned. This will help the Center know how many helmets to bring. Sonja Donohue or another rep from the Center will collect those letters prior to the assembly.
  • Determine place to hold assembly.

Please call if you have any questions.

Smile Survey- You may or may not have received a request to participate in the Oregon Health Authority’s Smile Survey. It is conducted by the state every 5 years. It is your choice as to whether or not your school participates. You do NOT have to participate.

Feb/March Site Visits- Please sign up here for a site visit here before spring break. These shouldn’t take too long. We will cover the following: 1) Your mid-year slgg review. (2) Mini observation update-how are you doing? (3) Upstream measures-this will be similar to what you shared with your visit group at our last leadership. (4) Anything you would like to discuss.

Self Reflection- You may get a notification from talent ed asking you to complete a self-eval. You don’t need to do that now. I will be asking that you get those completed and submitted by May 15.

Latino Family Night- BLP Schools will be holding a Latino Family Night on Thursday, Feb. 23, from 5 to 7 p.m. at Pilot Butte Middle School cafeteria. The goal of this event is to connect with our Latino families, send the message that all families and students are welcome in our schools and to help Spanish-speaking families connect with resources. You are also welcome and invited to attend (no required).

No Horizontal Meeting- We won’t have a horizontal meeting on Monday, February 27. The hope in canceling some of our horizontal meetings is that it would free up time for you to meet with you school visit groups and do some collaboration around school design at your sites.

Headstart Information Nights- Headstart is getting ready to have their parent nights in March and the topic is transition to kindergarten.  Each year they like to have a teacher and or FAN advocate come to speak to their families and talk about this transition and what they might expect.
It is a short presentation, maybe 20-30 minutes in regards to coming to their new school, dates to remember, kindergarten round ups and options that might be available to them as they work thru this transition from Pre-k to kindergarten.  Their family nights run from 5:30-7:00 ish and typically they have their presenters there at 6:00 to talk.  They are welcome to come at 5:30 to join for the meal then present or just come for 20 to 30 minutes at 6:00. Teachers and/or FAN advocates who participate can timesheet 2 hours for their time. Here are the dates and locations:

La Pine – March 9
East Bend – March 9
Healy – March 9
South Bend – March 7

Dana is checking with FAN advocates. Please check with your kinder teachers to see if any are willing and able. If so, please let me know by Feb. 27. First come/ first served. I’ll contact headstart with names and contact information. Thank you.

Hope that you have a great weekend and enjoy the three days (for those of you taking Monday).


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