April 14

Transfer Interviews/Job Fair- The transfer interviews went great last night. Thank you to Kevin for hosting at Pine Ridge. Thanks to all of you who participated in the interviews. I was really impressed with the candidates last night. Really nice, genuine, dedicated educators. I also felt the quality of the candidates at the job fair this year was deeper than usual. I met several people who I would be very interested in learning more about and considering for positions. Thanks to all of you for spending long hours helping us get the best and representing Bend La Pine Schools. Thanks also to HR department who spent countless hours planning, preparing, organizing and physically setting up and tearing down the job fair. They worked incredibly hard getting things ready so that it would be the most effective and efficient event possible. In addition, they had a classified job fair on Saturday and spent a good chunk of their weekend at High Desert Middle School on that event. Once again, the HR department went above and beyond helping us do our jobs better. If you think of it and get a chance, send over a thanks.

Tamarack Contract- Pretty much signed, sealed, delivered. I will share relevant details at our horizontal meeting on Tuesday.

Reminder- From Julianne: Just a heads-up and reminder… there are some businesses out there trying to sell advertising in our schools. You may recall that a (fraudulent?) business took money from local businesses about a year ago and told them that their logos who hang in our gyms. This never happened and police got involved to try to track down the company that took folks money.

I just heard of another company that is calling businesses (do not have their name) to ask them to sponsor homework binders for elementary schools. In exchange for their money, they would get their logo on a binder.

As you know, we have policy in place that describes acceptable advertising in the district.


April 19 SIW- Here is a menu of April 19 SIW options for elementary teachers. Please share.

RTI Conference-Please let Kerry Morton know if you are planning to attend the RTI conference on April 27 & 28. She needs this information to help her plan some math PD dates.

Horizontal Meeting- This will be next Tuesday at 4. We will be meeting at Ensworth. Thanks, Dana.

Words Count Sometimes when I write, I am able to perfectly articulate and communicate exactly what I am thinking. Other times I’m not so successful. Sometimes you read something and know exactly what the writer is thinking. They perfectly capture and share a thought, feeling or idea. The note below is an example of someone who perfectly communicated and captured what we all know and feel. I wish I could write so well.

Thank you note

Have a great weekend. See you Tuesday at Ensworth.

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