April 21

Staffing- I meant to share this information with you at our horizontal meeting on Tuesday, but we ran out of time so I saved it for notes. Here is an update on where we are:

  • Principals complete staffing plans- complete as much of the certified as possible ASAP if you haven’t already done so. I use these to complete the next step…
  • I place all certified staff who are entitled to a job. This includes teachers returning from leaves and teachers who have to be moved because staffing was reduced at their current school.
  • District wide elementary primary and intermediate positions were posted this week.
  • School specific postings will be posted later unless they are the ‘hard to fill’ positions outlined by HR. Talk to me individually about each of these.
  • Cabinet gives green light to begin hiring. This has not yet happened as there are too many uncertainties with the budget at this time.
  • Staffing plans approved. Once this happens and we have the green light to begin hiring, I will email schools individually, including HR, to give permission to begin hiring off of the district wide postings or any other postings that have closed. You should not interview or begin trying to hire anyone until you have that email from me.
  • Title I budget- we are still waiting on this and have heard nothing new from the state-still banking on the last week of April (next week I hope).

Please call if you have specific questions about staffing and we can work through them together.

Second Round Site Visits- Please try your best to get these completed if you haven’t already. We will be doing some activities at our May 1 leadership meeting around our visits.

Tamarack- I am linking the contract with Tamarack that I reviewed at our horizontal. Once again, this may be short notice for some of you this spring. I’ll work with you. Do your best to fulfill, but we’ll make sure you can attend. Let me know if you have any questions.

Excellence in Education Awards- This is a reminder that we will be having our Excellence in Education awards next Wednesday, April 26, at 4:00 at Silver Rail. Remember to be prepared to say a few heartfelt words for the selections from your school. This is an exciting day for those selected and your thoughtful, sincere words mean a lot to your staff. Thank you ahead of time for the efforts you put in to this.

OSU Cascades Placements- OSU Cascades is in need of two placements in K or 1st grade for students in the child development program. These placements are for 270 hours over 10 weeks and begin September 20. These are not student teaching placements, so will be more like teacher assistants. Let me know ASAP if you are able/willing to place one of these students.

Transfer Interviews- I’ve linked the spreadsheet from the transfer interviews which includes scores for each person.
If would like to fill a position with one of the teachers on the list, then you have a couple of options.

Option one: We can transfer the person. Before this is done, we are asking that you talk with the transfer teacher’s current principal and meet with the transfer teacher.  We suggest putting together a small team to meet with the teacher to see if s/he is a good fit for the position.  If you think the person is a good fit after you’ve done those things, then you ask for permission from Jon in HR.  We will then work on a transfer.

Option two: You could use this list to help you set up interviews. Interview one of these teachers like you would for any other position and follow the hiring process.
Please keep this spreadsheet confidential. I will remove it from the link at the end of June. Please shred if you make copies.
Please contact Jon or me with any questions.

Kindergarten ACR’s- The deadline for kinder ACR’s is May 1. We’ll meet shortly after to sign and trade.

I think that is all for now. Remember to stay balanced-have some fun this weekend and as we enter an incredibly busy time for administrators, don’t forget to take care of the rest of your lives!


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