April 28

Notes are coming to you a day early this week as I am out of town tomorrow (and I know that most weeks you sit around on the edge of your seat wishing you could get them earlier). You know who you can call if you need anything and I’ll have my cell if you need to talk to me.

Staffing- I know that I have discussed this with many of you by phone. Here is a summary of where we are:

  • Generic primary and intermediate positions have been posted- both in Bend and La Pine.
  • Postings that are specific to your school will be posted when you submit on Applitrak following an email from me to you and HR giving permission. All of these posting have a May 15 closing date unless you specify a later date.
  • You may NOT contact any applicants, pull together interview teams, schedule interviews, conduct any similar candidate contact until I give you the green light. This will also be done through an email to you and HR. It will state that you have permission to begin the interview process and recommend for hire. HR will then give permission to hire.
  • You have been allowed to post your positions now so that you have a pool once you’ve been given the green light. We do NOT want to go through the process of hiring, then have to turn around and RIF because we don’t have the dollars to keep the position.
  • Jon has described the process for those of you who would like to take a transfer. Please contact me if you are thinking of doing this so that I can keep track, HR knows that I am in the loop, and we have a consistent communication plan.
  • If anything should change in your staffing plan or you have additional postings you want to make after we have talked, please contact me directly before moving forward.

Please call me directly if you have any questions. Thank you for your hard work and patience.

Radios- Seems like some principals are better shoppers than others as some of our radio vendors have been selling the same product to different schools at different prices. While I am a proponent of capitalism, we don’t like seeing our schools on the losing end, so Julianne is working on some contracts to get schools the best prices on some really cool radios. Please contact Julianne if you are in need of radios.

Leadership- Remember that we will be having our leadership meeting on Monday at 3:15 in the board room. Information was sent out yesterday. Please sit with your school visit teams.

Horizontal Meeting- We will have our next (last) horizontal meeting of ’16-’17 on Monday, May 15 at 4:00. Site TBD.

Typical British summer

When you think the weather is finally getting warmer…( Team Balmert)

Posted by Daily Mirror on Saturday, April 15, 2017

Been feeling a bit like this lately. Have a great weekend and hope we all get some real sunshine…soon…please.


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